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14 February 2008

V-day (2)

Related Stuff: This day has got to be the best day of my life. I slept for 14 hours and I had numerous wonderful dreams. Dreams that could have been. Life is wonderful!
Also, iCalvyn and Popjammerz wish you all a happy V-day!

Happy Valentines Day! Isn't this exciting? I know, I'm amazed. Time passed by so fast.
For the singles out there, go treat yourself a box of chocolate.
For the couples out there, Have Fun!
Well, doesn't matter if you are attached or not, you just have to have to appreciate this day like every other day, yes?

Well, I'm drafting a blog post right now. Its gonna be posted up soon. And I know some of you all will be like "OMG, I LOVE YOU"
And I'm going to be like: "Thanks".

I know you all love to come back to this blog. I know that, and I'm aware of it. That is what that keeps me going. Thats what that inspires me to write.

I hope I'll be able to compose another great post next year on v-day!
That is if blogger.com still exist. Well, it might not! OMG, what would people do if blogs cease to exist. You guys are obviously nerds and you love to read blogs!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful v-day!
I have no idea how you guys are planning to spend this wonderful day, but I know I just made a post to the people that I love. That's you blog readers.
I want to express my thanks. Thanks for loving me too!

Being thankful and practicing gratitude is an easy way to achieve happiness.


chingy said...

"You guys are obviously nerds and you love read blogs!"

LOL. Me no nerd but me love to read blogs.

Happy Vday Kif! XD
Go download Jumper now. XD

x said...

Hmmm, nevermind I'll date your blog for valentine, so your blog wont be lonely XD

iCalvyn.com said...

hoho...i just pass the lonely valentine...

Bengbeng said...

happy valentine day to u :) although a little belated now :)

-popjammerz- said...

"That is if blogger.com still exist"

You say like this kinda scary ler...if blogger.com not exist....where our blogs will be? totally gone? walau then my years of posts..................i will cry!!!

Haha thanks for mentioning me, very nice of you!

"That is what that keeps me going. Thats what that inspires me to write."

Very true. Readers keep you writing. so continue to write great posts!!

we will be awaiting for your next v-day post! it'l be a very great one i bet!


Just A Simple Girl said...

OMG! How did you know this is my second visit to your blog??!! =P

Anyway, continue on writing great interesting posts. That's the reason why i kept returning here. =)

3POINT8 said...

Ok ok...Chingy bukan nerd. Btw, I'll wait for better quality 1st.

My blog thanks you!

Same here. Lonely~~~

Happy belated v-day to u too!

Wow... I'm inspired by your feedback! Yes! I'll continue to compose great post! Thank popjammerz!

[just a simple girl]
I'm a psychic.....and very good hacker. Thats how i know.
But I'm still trying to figure out who are you. (ehehe)
Thanks for the great feedback! It was very encouraging

BicaraTeruna said...


i dont get excited with my birthdays.. and valentines? thats just another day

Naru said...

"You guys are obviously nerds and you love read blogs!"

hehehee i aint nerd !! could explain why I flunk my test last time Kekeke ;P

eH? where is my giant spec *wink*wink*


宝茹 said...

Hahahahaha...I like the "Fact" at the bottom. :D

3POINT8 said...

Some say there were over-rated. Guess u are one of them

Last time? Perhaps that was a long long time ago. Well, now are a nerd! Welcome to the club!

Katherine, You'll be the happiest person alive If you can practice that everyday.