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03 February 2008

Half Water

People, thinking and paradigm... the world will never be deplete of them. As long as there is one person alive, then there is one person thinking. Thinking usually happens with a set of assumption, concepts, values and the by-product is a paradigm.
(Oh yea...paradigm is a big word and I'm learning to use it)

What I'm going to talk about next is the two distinct different style of thinking. The Positive and the Negative. [This post has nothing to do with paradigm. I got carried away earlier]

Heard of the famous quote from Buddha: "We are what we think"
Doesn't matter if you are a negative thinker or a positive thinker, life goes on. However according to the quote, if you do not think, you become nothing, zero, virtually non-existent. If you do not think, Life stops!

You know how people always ask: "Do you see the water as half-empty or half-full?"
Then the questioner either favor you as a positive thinker or discriminate you as a negative thinker depending on the answer.
The only person who would ask me that is either a motivator, aspire to be a motivator or pretending to be a motivator. And there are only 2 reasons why a questioner would ask me that:
1) To figure whether I am a negative thinker or a positive thinker
2) To make me think!

To the questioner, reason1 doesn't really concern him.
So what if I am a postive thinker. [He is already a motivator. Nothing I say is gonna motivate him more than his mind will]
And so what if I'm a negative thinker. [Its not like whatever I say is gonna bring him down since the questioner is on his way to be a motivator with a light beaming aura surrounding him.]

Now, reason2 is more important as it makes people think! And If I consider myself as a considerate person, I'm gonna make him think too.

Consider this counter statement to the question: “half empty, half full - who cares as long as there is water in the glass”
which translate to: who cares as long as I'm THINKING.

Since its a new way of answering, I'm sure my super geng-chao answer is gonna shock the questioner as he searches his mind for a proper response. As long as he is searching for a response, he is thinking! As long as he is thinking, life doesn't stop for him. Therefore how I answer the question is essential for everyone's survival, unless I'm an evil strawberry who doesn't care about the lives of others.

So, Do you think I'm good enough to convince my other readers that "thinking is a matter of survival and life."

Dibert's Principle: If you are out to impress someone, make sure you use the word 'paradigm'! Once you master the word "paradigm", its time to sit back and expect a promotion.


Eileen said...

Haha, Kokfye, you getting deep huh.... I once talked to a motivator who asked me again about "the half cup of water" (yeah, I guess ask about that a few times)... Then, he answered me, that one can choose to answer, "What can I do to this half cup of water to make it more interesting?"

A question from a question... sounds complicated... Ok, I dunno what I am blah-ing...

Wait, I am still stucked at the female is not smarter than guy post. Wukakaka

pinksterz said...

the post is bapak complicated.

wait until i am out of my emoness to digest what you are trying to say lor. T________T

Fluxevz said...

i prefer the glass is half full,but then again itz how i look at it..yeah im with pinksterz,itz complicated @_@

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

who cares its just water in a glass muahaha

宝茹 said...

The glass is not even HALF full at all. More like 3/4 full~~ :P :P

x said...

I don't know about being half full or half empty, but one thing important is that you should be thinking is trying to get the bar tender to fill up you glass as should as possible before it starts to dry and you will get all sober up.


chingy said...

I think I'm a lil slow.
Need to reread. T______T

Paradigm slow I am. =D

Omg, did I just simply used that word?

*Reads the latest post again*

Ohyea, I would like to say,

"There is still water in the cup, and I can gulp it down faster that you can say "Chingy sucks".


Paradigm chun I am!

chingy said...

Damn I just realized Paradigm meant "Example".


Cometh said...

To me..... ask me anything but food and drinks. The branch is half grown or half dead i might give wrong answers...or sound unmotivated....

But.... concerning the drink is half empty or half full or even the burger is half eaten or half not eaten for that matter....My only answer is there is nothing... Yelak... Nadai... Mou... Tadak... cuz all will be in my stomach...


Doesn't make sense.......but heck... nvm lah....

3POINT8 said...

Hey eileen! Wha..your encounter is more complicated than this post. @_@
About smartness, males and females are equally smart. Its just that men tend to overstate it and women tend to understate it.

Done with you emo-ness? Time to digest my post!

Thats the attitude! Who cares?
Sounds a bit ignorant, doesn't it? *Must look at the bright side*

Oh, that pic. Well, its also 1/4 empty. And its tea, better than water eh?

3POINT8 said...

Yay! Managed to confuse another person! *I can be lawyer dy* WooHoo~~~

bartender! I love your way of thinking! Somewhat related and totally creative!

Chingy Su... Oh, you finished your water dy? Geng geng~~~
Btw, I didn't look through the dictionary on paradigm. I simply use only, after reading dilbert's principle that is.

LOL!!! Typical msian...food is the most important of all.
Speaking of burger, time for me to visit McD now!

pinksterz said...

yayy i am out of my emoness!

i THINK i.....

have no comment for this post of yours :P

doink said...

humans are perceived as the higher species compared to animals because we have the capability to think. if one chooses not to think, then he/she chooses to be a beast.

you can't blame a pig for eating swill. :P

liyiesther.C said...

the glass is half empty.

3POINT8 said...

Hey there. Welcome back to the blogging world! Its alrite to have no comment. As long as you comment something, I feel happy to have one loyal reader!

Cruel way of putting it. I sure ain't choosing to be a beast. (unless I can tear a person apart within 38secs :P)

I love that cup! The glass is half empty! Makes me want to change my thought to a more positive one

usws said...

Sorry, i lost you after the picture of that glass. I was too busy wondering what liquid is inside since it doesn't look like water. XD

I wish that statement buddha made was true-r. I keep thinking myself as someone great, cool, good looking and chunted in every other way but everyone disagrees. DARN! :P

Honestly, i think i think too much. At this very moment, i'm thinking if i should make my comment any longer since it is a post about thinking after all. NAW..


p.s. OHHH, so that's how you use the word paradigm

3POINT8 said...

Chingy seems to know on how to use the word paradigm. Better go consult her. I simply tembak only.