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24 February 2008

Caption Contest - Nameless Panda

Related Stuff: This is a contest entry organised by -r y u-.

In this contest, I'm suppose to write the most creative caption in a picture of 2 bathroom place mat. This contest is only open to the people who are not living in the same house as ryu. I sure hope that ryu doesn't barge into my house and stay for a night for as long as the contest is still running.

Presenting my witty entry:

Presenting my sarcastic entry:
[You need an IQ of 160 to imagine this]

So, anyone else up for the challenge?


宝茹 said...

Hahaha--totally sarcastic laugh.

Hmmm...I think Panda's love water. :P

-R·K- said...


This is funny!!! XD

Great job ^^

chingy said...

I'm gonna join muahahahha.
The caption a bit on the obscene side is it? Or..


3POINT8 said...

Yes...I'm sure Nameless Panda loves water alot! :P

Wow, this came from the organizer herself! Thanks!

Thats why i posted up 2 entry. If the 'obscene' 1 kena disqualified, still got one more.

-popjammerz- said...

i hv to think some witty stuffs ..so competitive. :P

i dun really hv witty ideas..

usws said...

Me is joining too but me isn't having any ideas. I can't imagine what a Panda would say IF they could say anything at all. "I want bamboo" maybe? :P


3POINT8 said...

No need witty stuff one. Simply write something there also can.. So so, r u gonna join the contest??

no ideas? I saw your entry on the panda dy!!
eh, I want bambo is actually a good one! quick quick, go do another one!