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20 February 2008

PC Blogger

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Potential subscriber: Mich, 742, Curryegg and PopJammerz

A new Magazine will be coming up in the near future, PC Blogger! I have time traveling friend who was kind enough to bring me a souvenir from the future.
An edition of PC Blogger, dated Feb 4444. I read the whole thing, and I can say that the magazine is freaking awesome! If you want to read this issue, you only have to survive for a few more thousand years. I tell you, its worth it! PC Blogger will blow your mind literally!

I can't leak out the content as it'll probably change the course of the future. The best I can do is to scan the cover of the magazine and show it to you guys to prove that its for real.


Btw, this is the original Photo:

A not so ferocious pic:


742 said...

If you cant reveal it in your blog... Photocopy and send the magazine to my house =P

Satkuru said...

hahaha i had a good chuckle just before i start class :P

-popjammerz- said...

will this be published?

x said...

hmmmm..how did curry egg inspired you? can explain a bit ? i think a lot of us also wanna know XD

3POINT8 said...

I wish i could do that. But i scared later some hacker hack into my com and spread it everywhere.

Cool! I just made someone laughed!

It will be published in feb4444. Wait for another few more thousand years lar..

Curryegg kind, Curryegg humble, Curryegg nice! and Curryegg tagged me! Her beautiful national geographic pic inspired me! Want to know more? Ask me about it!

curryegg said...

Everyone wanna know how curryegg inspired 3point8? Haha...
I think he gets the idea from his own! If there is PC Blogger magazine in the future, I will be the first one to buy!

Please... send a copy to me...
hehe.... ;D

David Cheong said...

Gives me the shivers looking at that pic.. Why lah like you gonna kill curryegg only for making you do this.. ahahahaaha

Quickening said...

Yeah-right! :D
If such a magazine like this needs to succeed, you'll need a better cover model. The pose just screams 'Read it or verbal curses will befall upon you".

Great blog idea though. ;)

x said...

Curryegg kind, Curryegg humble, Curryegg nice! and Curryegg tagged me! Her beautiful national geographic pic inspired me!

is that the best you can do ?

come on give us more XD

miss rojak said...

*join x*


iamthewitch said...

That was very creative... I almost thought it was real :P

-Princess Shin- said...

I thought this was real! Haha..

-popjammerz- said...

wah few thousand years...
hey maybe u could really try tihnkin of doing this!!! XD

btw all 3 of you have a cake al byyourself..wah can finish? It looks more than enough for one person!!! GenG!

Michael Yip said...

WAHAHAHA.... Tumpang Glamor

3POINT8 said...

Oh no... All my ideas are from good blogs with great contents! Curryegg is one of them

[david cheong]

A better cover model eh? Sigh, there goes my career as a msian's next top model.

[x & miss rojak]
I can do better! Wait wait, let me write a post on curryegg inspire me k... Give me some time!

3POINT8 said...

Its gonna be real soon

[princess shin]
It'll be real!

We had 5 other Bandaraya that wasn't included in the pic. Thanks to them, no food were wasted.

[micheal yip]
you get what you ask for!

Nux V said...

wuahaha...LOL! the way u hold the knife is so so so stylish!
so, tht's the kind of expression before you cut a cake??

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
Stylish? Thanks thanks!
I don't usually do that kind of expression, but my friends threaten me to threaten the cake. I had to do it Though i didn't want to do it...

chelsea said...

isn't that Kan Mi in the picture? oh my.. the world is small!

3POINT8 said...

Yea...that is kanmi!
Are u a friend of kanmi?