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18 February 2008

3POINT8 of ReviewGod

Recently I managed to get myself into the ranks of ReviewGod, a blog which reviews blog. I have a strong feeling its my insanely divine supreme superior super owning super duper writing skill that landed me there. Anyway being in this group is good opportunity for my to improve my writing skill, and the ability to critic.
On the 15th feb 2008, I wrote a review for Tinkitalks. Its the first blog review I've ever written in my entire life. To write for something without a sample for the first time is freaking difficult. There were no guideline, no proper format or any procedure to write a review.

The review written by 3POINT8:

The challenges I had while writing the review:
1) I'm not used to giving bad comment, so it probably explains why my critic was mild at the moment.
2) I did not give any rating to TinkiTalks as i have no reference to how good a blog is good and how bad a blog is bad.
3) ReviewGod is a new site. There isn't any system on how things are done as a proper system is under top secret discussion.
4) Time.

Despite the challenges, I will try my best to write a review which reflects the blog. It's true that different people have different taste, and you might love a blog that I will never read. Therefore, what I am about to write is only a guideline for those who thinks the same as me.

Anyway, I believe that the main purpose of ReviewGod is not to flame anybody or to talk bad about anyone's blog. I've always thought that there's no point in writing a negative review of a small unknown blog most people won't even have heard of it. So screaming "Never visit that blog!" seems kind of pointless and mean. [On second thought, I'm mistaken. I find joy in writing sarcastic negative comment.]

I'm pretty sure that our main purpose is publicity, to let people know about blogs that exist somewhere in the net. I like to think myself as someone who provides a reason to people out there to visit a blog.

Want more publicity to your blog?
Bow down and Click here. I dare you to submit your blog to ReviewGod!
[Note: ReviewGod does a review on those who ask for it. Reviewgod will not review blogs which they have no permission to do so.]


pinksterz said...



haan said...

"I'm not used to giving bad comment"

then you are suitable to teach in aust :) if u ask me, when my assignment is marked or if my work is reviewed, i wish to hear more negatives than positives. then i can improve, but not "floated" with all compliments..

however, my experience is kinda sarcastic. an aussie lecturer used to say i'm too lenient, whilst someone originally from singapore said im too harsh. however, when i first accepted the job, the head of dept told me, write more +ve ones than -ves.


miss rojak said...

yayy! promote promote :D

Suzette said...

Thanks for visiting and left a comment in my blog.

Hmm... interesting blog review you are doing. Okay, I'll submit mine for a try. :)

-popjammerz- said...

wow...can review other people's blog on blogs...

cool cool..

i saw the one you reviewed for tinkitalks!

haha will u be reviewing others?

happy reviewing!!! XD

Raising Mercury said...

reviewing other people's blogs? is it just me, but dont you think thats a lil weird? i thought blogging was somewhat of a personal thing? something that shouldnt be given reviews about? how can anyone really comment of another's life? (because technically people write about things that happen in their lives or things that they are interested in.)Hahah, maybe its just me but i dont seem to like personal blogs being reviewed, its like reviewing the blogger him/herself =)

amb3r1te said...

this sounds interesting... mite submit my blog one day :)

sabrina said...

You know i agree...i can't understand people who slam other people's blogs. Each person's blog is personal and unique to that certain individual and no one should speak negatively about it. Unless of course that blogger is a total racist, bigot or prejudiced ass la then memang should kena :p

Anonymous said...

Is that going to be useful?

3POINT8 said...


I guess its because positive words will never harm a person's self-confidence. I would prefer to write more +ve ones rather than -ve ones. I don't want to make enemies after all.

[miss rojak]
Yes, my god. As you command

Alrite. But be ready for harsh comments before you do!

3POINT8 said...

Yes... I'll be reviewing others as well. Hopefully this can improve my writing skill

[raising mercury]
Yes. It is weird to review other people's blog. BUt since they gave us the permission to do, why not? If they wanted some sort of a feedback, we will be there to give it to them. I do admit we are not professional, but we are improving as time pass by

Oooo...cool cool. We are anxious to review new blogs!

Well, try to think of us as customer service. We only 'layan' a blogger if they came to us. We only slam blogs if the blog owner themself gave us permission to do so.
I'd figure a lil bit of mild prejudice is a good element for humour and sarcastic remark. [Its like saying: we all label comedian as funny people. Thats a common misconception]

Its for our amusement. So, its useful for us. It'll be useful for u too if u find joy in reading these kind of stuff

宝茹 said...

Though leaving a bad comment I think is sort of a marketing technique 'coz we normally do not like giving criticisms. :D

yung . said...

I am giving a try, to see what people has to say and critic about my blog. =P

3POINT8 said...

O.O Marketing technique? I gotta learn this!

Yes yes...if don't mind being critic, do give it a try.

pamsong said...

I like writing comments that are totally off topic. =)

3POINT8 said...

I love to find fault with comments that are off topic

pamsong said...

– Bring it on. *grin*