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15 March 2008

Symbols of BlackBird

Related Stuff: At first, this post was meant to be a Happy post. Somehow it turned out to be something different. Anyway, if this post managed to convince you to change your view to something positive, Smile and Be Happy.

Crows...Crows are dark creatures symbolizing bad omen. Some say they are representation of hell, some say they are symbols of gossip. In India, Crows are seen as Messengers of Death. Could it be their dark feathery feature which made them into such fearful creatures?

Think again. Never conjure an impression based on one strong negative feature.

Crows...they fly higher than those who rely purely on legs. The ability to fly is a symbol of freedom and achievement. Therefore it can be said that crows are Supreme Being capable great things.
- In North America, Crows are personification of Supremacy. When it flaps, their wing creates the wind, thunder and lightning.
- In Black Africa, Crows are like a protector spirit acting as guides to men warning them of dangers that lay ahead.
- In Japan, Crows are seen as a divine messenger.
- In Qing Dynasty are like a royal bird, the emperor instruct that no one can hurt or kill crows. [Source: PinkLeo]

Instead of focusing on a negative habit of a person, Isn't it easier to respect a person based on their positive abilities?

Depending on how you look at it, a blackbird can be a symbol of fear, or a symbol of greatness.
To a great photographer, 3 black bird can be a symbol of happiness.
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eStee said...

omg, is that picture photoshopped???

Mc_Bone said...

that picture stolen i guess
(normal la, i also steals most of the time)

curryegg said...

Ohh.. You know what, this photo does make me 's-m-i-l-e'.... Se how miracle a photo can make a person smile? haha...

Positive post and that's great!
voted for you... ;)

chingy said...

So cute omg!

I went to the Golden Compass website once, my daemon is a crow lol.

Quickening said...

Those crows are actually targeting a car for a major poop strike... The smile is a misleading messsage (incomiiiing!!).

宝茹 said...

That comment at the top--so funny! :P

3POINT8 said...

I found the pic in the net. I only added the captions there. Other than that, I guess the photo is original in a sense that its taken at the right moment with any photoshop

Smart guy! I take a alot of stuff from the net.

If it makes one person smile, I'm happy. Thanks Kelly

3POINT8 said...

Cute leh....
Oh a crow? So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

LOL! quickening, I think they finished bombing a few cars. That why they are making that smug.

LOL... I didnt expect that the 1st comment could make anyone laugh. Gee...I feel good for making someone :)

Anonymous said...

this is really a happy moments created by birds.

3POINT8 said...

Yup! Nature, I never cease to amaze me

Pink Leo said...

how interesting...

If I remember correctly, crows in Qing Dynasty are like a royal bird, the emporer instruct that no one can hurt or kill crows.

lynnx01 said...

My hometown friends and I always think that the crows in KL are real sad. Back in my hometown, we have got white bangaus...

chelsea said...

voted for you redi ;) all de best!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

im thinking when DBKL fella see this immediately they will tembak......

3POINT8 said...

Added that claim to my post. Thanks for contributing.

why leh? why are crows sad? They get to bomb cars and people below leh..

Thanks chelsea! I Appreciated every vote(s) made by you.

[Ron Jerem Lee]
Ouch. DBKL tembak them?
Then they really are messengers Death. (Messengers of death to themselves)

Pink Leo said...

oh o...u made me tekan liao... i scare my information will 'wu ren zi di' (mislead the others) becoz I can't remember correctly.

I saw it in the HK drama 'Jin Zhi Yu Nie' (War and the beauty) and once in a documentary of Qing Emporer.

I tried to find in google but somehow I can't get the full historical fact.

I will try again at home (when I can type in Chinese words) so that I don't give wrong facts to you. :)


3POINT8 said...

I have a feeling that your facts are correct. I came across an article saying that japan treat crows the same as china, a divine messenger. Just that I have no idea which dynasty is that...

Pink Leo said...

Ok, I found many articles the relate crows and first Qing emporer in Chinese site. Basically crows rescued the first Qing emporer from enemy's hunt, therefore Qing emporer orders that no one can harm crows.


3POINT8 said...

[pink leo]
Wha...you really went out all the way looking everywhere in the net to prove your point. respect respect!
Oh ya, thanks for the info ya! Appreciated it.

Pink Leo said...

haha...please don't mention the spirit of journalism is to make sure all info are accurate. Blogger ... is kinda like journalist right? The journalist of life. :)

3POINT8 said...

Hehey, I'm thinking the same too. Blogger is kinda like journalist. Coz something that gets published regularly. Only difference is that blogs are in the virtual world, Unlike physical journals.

Pink Leo said...

wah, so fast you reply, macam MSN messenger. Ok lar, it's 2.26am here now. I gotta zzzzzzz.....

3POINT8 said...

Yea..I feel as if i'm talking to you on msn. Alrite...have a good night sleep then.
btw, You got msn?

Pink Leo said...

he he..i do. pink6leo@gmail.com is my MSN.

Aronil said...

That would be actually pretty cool if that was a real shot :P is it?

3POINT8 said...


I found it somewhere in the net. I believe its a real shot, coz there is caption underneath saying: "Photo taken at the right time"
But er....I forgot which site was the photo from.