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04 March 2008

The hidden aura behind APPLES

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Have you come across the quote above?
For some reason, I kept dreaming about the quote ever since I got a flu. Yesterday was the 3rd day I dreamt about it. This is Freaking me out~~~

Its always an apple people talk about. I mean, Have you heard a quote on bananas, cherries, or prunes?
I don't think so....

So then, what makes an apple so powerful?
Is it because you no longer need Windows when u have an Apple?
or does it grant a person an immortal life?

If an apple can keep a doc away, I suppose 2 can keep just about anyone away and 3 apples can keep god away. Say, this could be be best method to shun those annoying basket in your life. Not to mention it adds a plus point to your health!

Say, do you eat apple to keep someone away?
[I eat apples to keep maggots away from my apples]

Extra: Knight has a point. "He ate the only apple to kick himself away from Heaven" Indeed, The apple keeps GOD away....


haan said...

i believe the quote is meant to instill u the knowledge of embracing a healthy lifestyle.. and it doesn't mean u eat the apples only when u get your flu.. it's for normal days..

u think too much la. u can maybe eat some belacan to keep your aussie housemates away :)

chelsea said...

I once got an extended version of that quote.. It goes like..
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is beautiful, throw the apple away ;)

Take good care and get well, tho!

keeyit said...

Take care and get well

x said...

cherries and prune I heard before...as a matter of fact i can give you some example of some cherries and prunes but i rather not because i might get bitch slap if i do ...

Anonymous said...

GOD created the apples. So dun think too much. Everthing is actually GOD plans.

chingy said...

Omg agree with anon lol.
I like apples! Green ones. XD

Just A Simple Girl said...

I don't really fancy apples, but, if it's offered to me by L, i'd definitely gobbled it down.=P

Take care of yourself! =)

Knight said...

Guess You forgotten he ate the only apple to kick himself away from Heaven...haha...

There you go, Grows ur Adam Apple..Wan to keep it?? I'll help to cut it down if ya dun wan...^^

curryegg said...

Well.... I will definitely say this: "An apple a day, keep the monkey away"..

Or else, they will sneeking into my room for apples!!!
Eerrrrr... XD

Theron Gibbons said...

I think the original text in Genesis (way back in old times) referenced a pear, not an apple, but this was changed due to the sexual shape of the pear.

It is the belief that apples helped keep teeth clean when you ate them (because of their crunch and light acidity) that led to this expression. That or it was the core comment of a now almost primordial ad campaign put forward by the then budding World Apple Commission.

Now if you want something with real kick, you can make some apple cider form those apples. If you live in a cold place, you can make Jacked Cider by putting it out on the porch at night so it can freeze, then slush off the ice.


Anonymous said...

hahaha...nice post here..i like this sentence.

"Is it because you no longer need Windows when u have an Apple?"..huahahaha...

Amei79 said...

I only know this quote
"nutrition is the best medicine, we are the best doctors!".
Well, we cant deny that apple might have some medical value in certain conditions.

liz q said...

I juice apple to keep my grandpa's speech away~ hehehe

Big Boys Oven said...

I eat an apple to keep my headmistress away! kekkekekeke

3POINT8 said...

I eat belacan to keep beggers away. :P

Hehey, that gives me an idea! Thanks! I might just do that next time.

Thanks for the concern keeyit. Appreciated that

Post something about prunes and cherries lar! oh oh..and bananas too!

3POINT8 said...

Rite rite. POint taken.

OOoo... u on vege diet rite? The next time i see you, i'll be sure to get a basket of green apples for u.

[just a simple girl]
Offered by L. I'll keep that legendary apple. I'll even ask him to sign an autograph for me. :P

Good one! I've featured your line on my blog post.
er...no thanks, i'll keep my adam apple

3POINT8 said...

LOL. Seems like monkey is a big problem for u in UM. They don't steal your dress do they?

[theron gibbons]
TO a pear? Thats something new!
Too bad it doesn't snow around here in aus. But i'll be willing to try your recipe when i get to a really cold place! Thanks for the great recipe!

[gary ooi]
Seems like you are the only one who noticed that. Subtle isn't it?

Oh? apples have some medical value in it? Hmmm..time to wiki apples

[liz q]
LOL!!! Sometimes, I something similiar to my aunties uncles.

[big boys oven]
Apples won't do the job. You need gingko for that

宝茹 said...

I like that quote by Chelsea's! Hahahahaha..."An orange a day keeps the doctor away" sounds better. :P

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha... i guess love orange more than apples

usws said...

If throwing apples at doctors to keep them away count, then yes. HAHA! Or any other thing for that matter. :P


p.s. I totally forgot about Adam.
p.s.p.s. Diabetes macam mana?

3POINT8 said...

LOL!! throwing pisses doctor off. Don't do that! seriously...
Diabetes ar...er, poor soul~~~