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28 March 2008

3POINT8's Happy Moments [Video]

Summary: Happy Card is the only thing that drives 3POINT8 happy.

Video Included in this post

This is my first attempt in producing a video.
Director: 3POINT8
Producer: 3POINT8
Cast: 3POINT8 & Kif
CameraMan: K0kFye
Time Spent: 4 hours
Video Inspired by: Curryegg

If you like this video, do drop a vote for me by clicking here
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[Rank 1 = bad]
Voting closes at 7th April 2008


David Cheong said...

LOL!!!! WTF???

Hahahahahhahahha super duper nonsense! LOL

pinksterz said...

hahaha yayy! the video finally! eh you sound so macho hor. *melt*

Apple said...

argh! I have problems rating it using Firefox, but no worries, I've vote for you using IE.

This is really a good attempt, I found it quite funny. 5/5

*2 thumbs up*

Quickening said...

This... is... outrageous...

You better win this for all of us, buddy! :D

Wendy said...

OMG!!! KOKFYE!!! hahahaha... so free huh

ch said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA its sooooo funny laaaaa!!! hahahaha XD

vortrack said...

Wow not bad. No, it's a funny one =D

Su said...

comical XD a lot of time to spare hor. LOL

Cometh said...


You should be producer man...

Don't blog anymore...

Go pursue your production career.. =p

-popjammerz- said...


i'm so going to vote this~

yinhao said...

lol! nice vid u have there xD

chrys said...

ahah. the video's not bad and the i feel good part with ur hand movement thingy is kinda funny. anyway my bruise aint that bad actually. just a lil oil and rubbing does the trick. its gone anyway. thanks for droppin by my blog

chelsea said...

Congratulations on your first self-produced, directed... bla bla bla.. video! *claps* :)

Good weekend!

RainNe said...

HAhahaha. I've voted for u.

chingy said...

Did you make the board and the rest yourself? XD

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

OMG!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH i feeeell good hahahaha

Jillian said...

That's cute. Where did you film this?? I've never seen walls that bare. Get some posters!!! :-D

宝茹 said...

Wahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure nonsense but sooooooo funny!

3POINT8 said...

[David Cheong]
Haha. I love doing nonsensical stuff.

OOo....then I'll make more video then.

Thanks apple. I appreciate the trouble you had to go though to make a vote. I'll make sure I win this. :P

1,2,3,4,5. Wow! 5 votes! Thanks quickening! I'll win this!

3POINT8 said...

That day someone inspired me to do something different. So, I went on ahead.

LOL! WAnt to do funny video with me together? Come to sydney lar...

Thanks vortrack! LOL

To sacrifice 4hours for a chance to win 5k, I think its worth ir!

3POINT8 said...

I also want to be a producer! Problem is, I don't have the proper equipments. I don't even have a digital camera to begin with. If someone funds me, then I'll persue that dream.

Thanks rue!

Thanks yinhao. I'll do another video to keep u all entertained! :P

Good Hand movement. Noted.
Oh, your bruise is ok dy? Good to hear that!

3POINT8 said...

Yup. u have a good weekend too!

Thank you for the vote!

Yaya. I did everything myself. The props are just papers with the word Happy printed on it.

You Feel Good! I Feel Good! Huahuahuax3

3POINT8 said...

I filmed in this in my room. Haha. I took out all the posters before filming this. I just thought that a plain background is better than 'posters' that are not sooo...proper.
Besides, I thought of adding some caption on the white space. I didn't had any inspiration back then and I got lazy. :P

Yup! I know you all love pure nonsense every now and then. So, I'm doing it for you guys and for me to learn new stuff

[Everyone who voted and laughed]
Thank you for your support! you guys just made me a happier man with all your positive comments! Muncho Gracias

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

hahaha,so cute!!! as pinksterz said "eh you sound so macho hor. *melt*",i also melt ;D better win ar!!! i voted!!!

Aronil said...

dude i just went to your entrecard profile.. how the heck did u manage to get so high for you credits??? it's like high!! :P well done

Aronil said...

ok and now I have actually viewed the video... lol it's quite funny :) I think you can improve on it a lot. Has potential to be even funnier man. ..but great effort. I didn't really like the blur effect when introing 3point8 not unless that was intentional. But i did like KIF :P. That's just me as a viewer

3POINT8 said...

OOo..another one who loves my voice. Wow, I may make another video because of this compliment. hehex3

The fade in fade out blur effect is intentional one. Coz i can't find a better way to transition between 2 cutscenes. But if you are referring to the blur video, that was not intentional. I have a low quality webcam. So, there is no way i can avoid that.
Btw, if there are any advice on how I can improve on my video, do tell me ya!
Haha...You like KiF? Thanks thanks!
Btw, I've send u a mail regarding Entrecard. (I've sent it to your Contacts under your blog's About page) Check it out.

Aronil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aronil said...

oooh ok.. just checked it.. but didn't receive your mail man.. can send to me here aronil@gmail.com

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

kif does that sarcastic look very well but i like the silly blur happy look of 3point8 ;D

pinksterz said...

make more and let me the first one to view it okie? *Wink wink*


3POINT8 said...

Mail sent

Thanks! I'll improve my expression on the next video (if there is a next video)

Can can...no problem. I get to have feedback before I post something up some more. NIce!

chelsea said...

voted! just found time to sit down.. thank goodness i am not late :)

good luck! ;)

3POINT8 said...

Thanks chelsea!

Deepak said...


3POINT8 said...

Thanks deepak! Another video coming up soon