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08 March 2008

Advice requires Credibility

"Work Hard kid, and someday you'll be successful" is an advice we all receive from our parents at point or another.
As a child, we listen to them and we agree to their advice. That is because they are all sensible advice. More importantly, they come from a credible source. Anyone elder than you knows very well that diligence and perseverance is what makes a person successful.

But what if.... a low class underachieved society garbage says the same thing (Work Hard kid, and someday you'll be successful) to you? Would you have take the advice to heart knowing that came from an ungrateful kid who leeches off money from their parents?

Imagine a person who lends money from everyone and never pays them back. He comes up to you and give you some financial advice. You would ignore his advice, yes? Somewhere in between the conversation, you'll most probably be cursing at that guy wondering when is he gonna return back your $38. He owes you money and there he is trying to give you financial advice.
My point is.... when someone gives advice, they have to have credibility. Or else, no one is gonna take heed of that piece of advice.

What do you think of this?
"don't smoke. it'll kill you"
This is an advice passed down from generations to generations. I'm pretty sure that it comes from a particular someone a few centuries ago. And i bet $38 with you that he is dead!

so, then....
why take advice from a dead fella?


Choo Hwei Ming said...

A post like these...can seriously get you a Ph.D!!

Kia Sheng said...

personally, i believe we should listen to all advice. Even it is from some scumbags which you hate the most, why not just listen to what he got to say?

U might never know it might be a blessing in disguise.

But yep, people still prefer advice with credibility hah.. that's undeniable LOL.



Tiffany said...

Too bad all of those hundreds of thousands of "make money blogging" bloggers who aren't making any money haven't caught on to this concept!

Tiffany said...

Too bad all of those hundreds of thousands of "make money blogging" bloggers who aren't making any money haven't caught on to this concept!

Vortrack said...

A person like me, asking people to stay strong, but I myself can't stay strong. It is all depends on a person's personality.

x said...

advice can be taken from anywhere, it is up to you to listen to it or not... when i was working for one of the largest tax firm in malaysia, a clients come up to ask us and if they can do this and this, but when we tell them it is against the law, they just went to another smaller firm which told them yes go ahead and thus took their advice instead. So does creditability come into play here? most of the time, the person asking for the advice has already make up their mind ...

chingy said...

There's much true in this post actually.

Credibility is important, but there are many other factors as well.

Like what X said, some need the reassurance that they are making the correct choice.

And some could not just trust a credible person in the society that maybe had done something bad to him.

Omg what am I talking bout. O_O

Lotus Flower said...

Wisdom my friend. (From people of the old)

BTW, why on earth would you listen to someone you do not believe in? Listen or not the choice is really all yours.


curryegg said...

why take an advice from a dead fella?

Good point 3point8! Well, I agree with hwei ming.. You can get a Ph.D by doing this research... hehe....

Oh ya.. how are you recently? get any new job there? gambate oh..

3POINT8 said...

[Choo Hwei Ming]
Hoho...thanks! If getting Ph.D is as simple as writing a blog post, I want the Ph.D!

[Kia Sheng]
Hey ks! You found my blog eh?
True, I should listen to all advice. Its just that sometimes its a waste of time listening to what I already know.

Oh. ok... Sounds like I should explore more on ways how to monetize blogs like mine.

Yea. A person's personality plays a big role. Also i'm guessing that the person's mood is somewhat related to it as well

3POINT8 said...

what you posted is a very interesting story! I would love to hear more about stuff like these.
the person asking for the advice has already make up their mind? Maybe they are trying to find someone who agrees with their method of doing stuff. And if there is at least one person who does, they can lay back and relax knowing that they are not the odd one out.

Wha~~~ Chingy, 1st time I see such a philosophical viewpoint from you! Clap clap clap~~~
I totally agree with what you said!

[Lotus Flower]
Listen or not the choice is really all yours.....Hmm, that another way of putting it.
Say, Do you blog, Little Flower?

If getting a Ph.D can be that easy, I think I would have a cupboard filled with Ph.D certs.
I'm Still looking ard for a permanent job. At the moment, I'm doing a program for my uni to drive Australia's Biggest Educational Wind Tunnel! WooHoo~~~~
(And i get paid to do this! sad thing is, I only get paid for a week. Sob~~~)

-popjammerz- said...

true~ :)
however, some ppl who gave great life lessons advices are those who were from low class unerachieved society~


but it's true that when someone like Kenny Sia gives you advices on blogging will be better than someone like me...XD


Damien said...

Uhh... but don't we all take advice from people we don't know? I do that everytime I buy a book.

Amei79 said...

I will listen all the advices & select the one which can apply to my life.

We cant deny that even a begger can advice us on a financial planning & lead us to a wealthy...then u must ask "if he is too good in financial planning then why he still a begger???"

Reason is pretty simple, most of us never can adopt the knowledges we learnt into the daily life...some even talk more but do less! No action no outcome...!

3POINT8 said...

Really? Some ppl who gave great life lessons advices are from unerachieved society~
I got much to learn from people like you.

Everytime you buy a book? Why is it so?

I think those who talk alot without action are in a better position than those who doesn't talk much and no action. And I know lots of ppl with that kind of attitude