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26 March 2008

3POINT8 got Flamed [minor grill]

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Supporters make us feel good. Enemies try to put us down.

When our social circle expands, we'll have our own supporters and enemies (and a lot of people in between). And since everything happens for a reason, I'm guessing supporters and enemies plays an essential role in our lives.

I need supporters to drive me further, to motivate me in what I do best.

I need enemies as they are the perfect person to point out my mistakes. Even though the mistakes are not actually mistakes, but for some reason, they have this special inhuman ability to turn it to a mistake. Also, there are times when an enemy's remark have more impact than words of encouragement.

I'd say the perfect ratio for someone like me would be 90%supporter / 10%opposition.
Some people in blogosphere knows that I constantly ask this question:
"How does it feel to be flamed?"

Back then, I asked that question out of curiousity not knowing why I asked that.
Even until now, I do not know why I asked that but I'm suspecting that I want someone to be my 'enemy', someone to go against me.
[To those who love to analyze a person's personality, this is your chance. Analyze mine!]

So far, almost every comments in this blog has been a positive one. Recently, I got a seemingly negative comment from someone:
"See...that's why I said you are superficial. hugs only pretty girls huh? Beauty don't come from outside but from inside." ---- 22March 0841, LittlePolaris

This is not the first time she said that. I really should reflect myself on this.
[Note: Lots of ideas after this line deleted]

When I drafted this post a few days ago, I wanted to leave a sarcastic remark saying:
"If I can't hug a pretty girl, then i can only hug a guy, or animals"
Then I figured, a sarcastic tone of voice doesn't suit post like these.

[On a more serious note]
LittlePolaris is my dear friend. This post is not meant to give anybody a bad image. The stuff she wrote on her blog is very heart warming. If you have the time, do visit her blog @ http://www.yuinyin.com

[Looking back at what I wrote, this is so not my style. Emotions really does affect the things I do] [No wonder Rue Hann once said: "write the moment, it gives a different feel."]

Serious time over. Next post coming up: A Happy Moment Video


Aronil said...

I feel your pain. But glad to see you are taking it in a different manner when you get burnt.:) We get a number when it comes down to sensitive topics, honestly even i would've fired on the hugging a pretty girl statement. But for what it's worth, when you blog, stand your ground. Not on that topic la of course :P

pinksterz said...

aiyah! you are kif memang perasan gila nak mampus. think you can write better than me eh? eh?! EH?!

sorrylah i hate u i hate u and i am FLAMING U NOW IN YOUR COMMMENT BOX OF YOUR BLOG!!!!!


now how does THAT feel?

p.s. cant wait to see that video!!! :D

Johnny Ong said...

aiyoh, that is nothing man. i got worse comments than u. it's so bad that i didnt allow it to be posted even though there was no vulgar words.

Chee Hoe said...

Constructive criticism is always good but if your flamed for something that is not justifiable then you should stick to your guns.

Keep up the good work =)

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

At least you get a comment, right?

A comment is better than no comment at all. :D

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with hugging pretty girls.

Jillian said...

Nah, I'm pretty sure I only want to hear good things about myself.

Which is natural to expect when you're perfect! :-D

-popjammerz- said...

comments are always welcome no matter they are good or bad.

things have to be balanced in this world~ :) the yin and yang concept haah!

if we hv bad comments or just slightly a -ve one, it's good for us to improve~but of course, if that comment is a total misunderstanding then it's better for us to make things clear~

*somethin not very related*
and if we can take great criticism with an open heart, it's even better. You know there's one saying, "be a bouncer, not a splatter"

So when we are hit harder down the ground, we bounce up higher, achieving more and improving to a better state~! :)
*the end*

宝茹 said...

Yuinyin has always been pretty straight forward--reading from her blog.

Ouchies~~ that comment really hurt, but it's better to know the truth than be lied upon. :)

J. C. said...

Hi thanks for sharing I find this post to be a very interesting, I am also trying to write in English although it is not my first language, wow how crazy is that

curryegg said...

Well, I guess you're too concern with 'the person' who had thrown you that label. Somehow, there will be positive effect behind this..

littlepolaris said...

I'm not flaming you. I'm just telling you that "thing" about you. If you keep on being like this, you can never get someone that truly loves you and you will only get hurt like what khye shin did to you last time. Grow up boy! You gotta look through a person to see his/her beauty. Pretty face, nice body doesn't mean anything. If she's mean, arrogant and bitchy, do you think she will be still beautiful?

3POINT8 said...

Stand my ground! Since its an advice from an established blogger, I'll take heed of it.

Rowr! Bring it on! I can write better than you! Plus, I think I can flame better than you! Rowr!

[Johnny Ong]
Oh...ok. Glad to hear that there are worse out there

[chee hoe]
Hmm...if its something that is not justifiable, stick to my guns.
Point noted!

3POINT8 said...

[deimos tel arin]
Ya. That is what I was thinking too. A comment is better than none at all. No one wants to be that lonely child.

LOL! You comment here is the best I've read among all so far.
You got me thinking, I should really be expecting to hear more good stuff about me instead of thinking minor trivial stuff like these

Exactly! comments are welcome.
I'll be that bouncer! I'll be sure to make a great come back in the next post! Thanks rue, for the encouragement

I'm sure there are no hard feelings behind those words. Its the way how I interpret it that hurts me. Btw, that

3POINT8 said...

Practice makes perfect. Its good that you are trying to write in english. After all, if you write more, your level of english will definately go up!

hopefully more good will come from it.

Can't everyone be beautiful? Even people who seemed arrogant and bitchy.....

Christopher said...

Life there is rise and fall! Perhaps it's through those flames that you can see what you are made of! Adversities has its advantages! It allows you to grow. =)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

think positively, if people are critical about ur words - they care enough to let u know. if they only surrounds u with sweet talks - they may want to borrow money from u soon.


Su said...

You say something he say something, then she say something and they suddenly have something to say. It just goes on and on.

Everyone has something to say, each different. Each a new experience, something to learn ^^

be it good or bad, sometimes we gotta be grateful that someone cares to give their thoughts back to you no? =)

Yvonne Foong said...

whats da point of this post anyway?

3POINT8 said...

Poetry~~~ wow, the stuff you wrote here sounds so cool!
Anyway, I am grateful for any comments that is directed to me and my blog.

Good question! To a reader's POV, this post probably doesn't bear any meaning.
I guess I wrote this to ease my disturbed mind. YY commented that my blog was not interesting enough. So, I want to come up with something that might interest her enough to post a reply to this post. [Yea, its a very personal thing.]
Also I want to try to write with a different writing style. So, I thought this would be a good chance to experiment on something different.

There is no point to this post. If someone manage to make something out of this post, its probably their imagination and their unique way of interpretation that helps them think that way.

RainNe said...

=> Well, i felt da pain. i've experienced worse one than u. Anywayz i like ur blog.

pinksterz said...

wat makes you think u r superior than me eh mister number?! HAH?!

3POINT8 said...

Your experience...Ouch~~~
Anyway, thanks for taking a liking to my blog! Muncho gracias.

Coz my name is 3POINT8. The echo from my name alone send shiver to anyone. People like you would tremble and fear till all pink cease to exist.

Aronil said...

Heh no established blogger here man :P Keep up with the blogging on what matters to you :)

3POINT8 said...

Will Do!
(I'm still treating you as an established blogger. hehe)

usws said...

"Personally, I don't see anything wrong with hugging pretty girls." - Not if you're ONLY hugging pretty girls. That's discrimination against unpretty guys like me! Terrrible! :P

"whats da point of this post anyway?" - It's a gimmick i tell you. For writing about being flamed, he got 24 (not 25, thanks to me) comments. LOL! Faster flame me, i wanna write about it too! :P


p.s. You must add sprinkly happy happy stuff when you're writing 'sensitive' stuff so people don't think you're serious. HAHA! Unless you were, were you?

Yvonne Foong said...

re: your reply to my comment. That's the theory of projection in Psychology.

3POINT8 said...

Aw. You got me!
Note taken. Next time I'll be sure add in happy happy photos while writing someone which may seemed sensitive.
Most of the stuff written here in my blog are false info. I do not wish to expose so much of myself to the whole world. Instead, I'll create a fictional character called 3POINT8, give it a personality and write what I think would suit the situation best.

Theory of projection. Is that the same as Freudian Projection?
My aim was not meant to project an undesirable traits to others. (But someone it does seemed that way when I reread the stuff I wrote. However, that was not my original intention)
I wish to learn more about this Theory of Projection