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30 March 2008

Tag - Nux, Benard, Tekkaus, joshuaongys

Certain people follow rules, certain people bend em, and certain people combine em.
I'm tagged by 4 people: Nux, Benard, Tekkaus, and Joshuaongys.

Out of 20+ ques, I'm only interested in doing 4+

List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Nux blogs often. New stuff to read every now and then.
Nux can write a decent post. (do drop by her blog to check it out)
Nux was willing to chat with a handsome stranger the moment I say 'hi' to her on msn.

Benard blogs useful stuff (I recommended his favicon post to 3 people and I managed to convert my com to NTFS from his blog post)
Benard's blog is featured in Adverlets main website.
Benard works like a madman (as described in his profile) [we need more madman in the world]

Tekkaus got 1 follower on pacmee. He gets 1 extra life in the game of Pacman.
Tekkaus got more subscriber than me.
Tekkaus got alot of small lil icons on his blog sidebar. (For those who loves to click on icons, this is the perfect place)

joshuaongys blogs about movie. And he wins stuff from em.
joshuaongys believes in god, angels, heaven and possibly santa claus.
joshuaongys is a long name. I wonder if there is an award somewhere out there for long name.

Do you feel good to be friend with the person who tagged you? Why?
Nux: Nux is among the 1st few bloggers who supported this blog
Benard: I get at least 1 visit from benard's blog everyday.
Tekkaus: I got to know his blog recently and he treated me as a friend by tagging me.
joshuaongys: Standing next to him, everyone we meet tend to remember my name more.

If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
NO. *hint hint* to ladies who i haven't confess, you stand a chance.

What makes you different?
I have a Number Blog. My profile can be found here @ Xniquet-Wiki.
[If this tag bores you, xniquet-wiki is a good read]

Do you believe in god?
I feel uncomfortable disclosing this fact. (If you really want to know, drop me a mail.)
[I'm a restricted thinker. That makes me an opposite of free thinker, yes?]

Finally, I'm gonna tag these people.
The One
The Only
The Great
The Chosen
The Mighty
The Supreme
The Almighty
The Omnipotent
I wonder if these people will get back to me

[If you like my answer, do tag me. I'll pick something interesting to write. Also I'll add in some sarcasm in it.]
[Warning: By doing so, you would have officially given me a chance to write anything I want about your blog. If you do not want me to write about something and yet you still want to tag me, leave a note there]


joshuaongys said...

hahahahahahaha lolx!! joshuaong alone is too common den i cant think of other stuffs so.. hahahaha nyway thanks!!

Cometh said...

Woh, cool... Mention me tim...

Pai seh pai seh... =p

Anyway. The favicon mini-tutorial have been changed a bit as I discovered some problem with IE.

Changed the code and it works fine with IE. (Still need to bookmark first though for IE)

curryegg said...

Haha.. you've scared me.. WOnder what will happen if you give sarcastic comment on my blog.. (-_-!!!)

Johnny Ong said...

curryegg tagged me with the same thing la .... trying to find the time to do it

Christopher said...

Haha! Yeah! Mine got damm lotsa icon. Cos me dun like my blog blank blank! Anyway thanks for mentioning me. Proud . =)

chingy said...

*The One*

I'm not responding to no tags! XD

3POINT8 said...

Your welcome! I have to thank you for tagging me also.

Of course! Your favicon tutorial 5/5star! Oh, now only I noticed that there is a change in your post. I like it how you continuously keep on improving on your existing post.

Er...nothing. I mean, if you want something to be removed from my blog, I'll remove it. (that is if the post involves you)

Haha...take your time take your time.

3POINT8 said...

your welcome!

But you are the ONE! Aren't you gonna do the tag??

Nux V said...

yea, i'm still supporting ur blog!
3.8 rocks!

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
Thanks nux! A true blog friend indeed!

pamsong said...

Haha. Damn funny lah you.

3POINT8 said...

thanks! I'm on my way to make this blog as funny as possible.

pamsong said...

That's great, man. Haha. We could so do with more funny blogs. Now you've made me curious. I feel like tagging you just to see what you can come up with. Haha.

3POINT8 said...

Well if you do tag me, be prepared for some sarcastic remark. I'll try to make it as funny as possible as well as avoid any offensive idea. Then again, if you do not want me to write a certain subject, you can leave a small note in your tag (requesting me not to write something)
Sill wanna tag me? Bring it on!

pamsong said...

I'll see if any tags find their way to Tinki Talks.

3POINT8 said...

sure sure.... take ur time.
make sure u give me a tough tag. Tat way, I get to entertain myself as well as you guys...