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17 January 2008

Traffic Jam

This post is inspired by Curryegg.

Imagine this:
Kiffy was driving along a 5-lane highway with cars jammed pack in the north south east west direction of his car. Kiffy knew that he use this highway everyday and he knew that its suppose to be a 3-lane highway. Thats when kiffy start to doubt whether the Panadol he had earlier this morning hallucinated him.

Kiffy felt the tension in his arms, his legs, and his tired eyes. He knew it was reality. In fact, he is 100% sure that he is living in the present since his carpool friends saw exactly the things Kiffy is looking at. He knew he was driving behind the steering wheel, he knew he had to be at PWTC, Hall4 at 5pm. And he knew that he is doing just that. No freaking way that its a dream to Kiffy.

But he had this strange feeling that he is still in a dream, one that is so illusive that he can't tell the difference between reality and dream. In the land of protons, he was certain that he passed by one Porsche 911 turbo, 3 dodge vipers, and 8 lotus elise. And right in front of his eyes, was a Tesla Roadster and one Audi R8.

Kiffy took out his iTalk card and start a phone conference with people that he knew. There is absolutely no way those cars can be seen in Malaysia, especially not in federal highway, the busiest street at 3.48pm. No freaking way....not in a million years.

More shocking, he thought he saw a few familiar faces along the way, people like mr.Sia, ms.Tan and a funny ad about a pink pau.

Kiffy thought: 'If its a traffic jam, its one that I want to be in it for a long long time'
Have you ever been in a dream so real that you wanted to tell everyone about it only to find out that you find it difficult to express your experience to others?

Kiffy had been experiencing that all the time! All the time....
Since this guy is an extreme introvert, its not easy to express what he sees, and what he experiences to most people, not even to his best buddy. It was the same every time Kiffy tries to share his tall tale.... no one will ever understand a word he says.
However, this time is slightly different as he can show you this wonderful feeling as described in this post. You don't even have to meet him to do that. All you need to do is to attend this event -> Traffic Jam at Youth 08.

[P/S: I have a feeling that I may be too late to sign up for the exclusive 100-featured blogger event. One thing I learned from xniquet, as long as it doesn't bear a wedding ring, its never too late. So Kiffy is hoping that he'll get Maserati GranTurismo]
*the Car models are a representation of the 100 computers there.*


chingy said...

You going you going?

x said...

yes, pandai kiffy is a fast learner. remember to bring your heat seeker device ...and note the hawt ones:P

curryegg said...

haha... More shocking, he thought he saw a few familiar faces along the way, people like mr.Sia, ms.Tan and a funny ad about a pink pau.???

Creative post!

And oh ya 3point8, you will be there for traffic jam ma? I hope you can go.. ;)

But hey hey.. how do you know that I've put 3 eggs and a yellow bowl if you aren't there? You've been selected izzit?

3POINT8 said...

yes, i'm going for it! perhaps I can meet you in the afternoon on saturday

yes general.x! commencing Phase2!

Yup yup, i'll be there in the afternoon on saturday. hope that i can meet up with you.