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18 January 2008

Nuffnang Traffic Jam

Welcome to Nuffnang Traffic Jam

[Do drop a message, if you are feeling adventurous and don't mind the person behind stalking you]

For those at home who are curious to find out more about the many decorations in 'Traffic Jam', here are some good ones for you:
Yuin Yin.com

For PC decoration review,
Do check out the 'Top 5 decorated PC's in Traffic Jam!' posted by David Cheong
ChuanLing616 posted up some snippets of the event.


chingy said...

I don't know where's my PC! T_T
I'll be going tomorrow =D

haan said...

sorry i'm lost. what's this post all about ar?

3POINT8 said...

I saw ur PC! Its somewhere in the middle. Don't worry, each computer has a piece of note stating wat blog it is. Shouldn't be too hard to locate your PC.

'Traffic Jam' is an event organised by Nuffnang and youth Malaysia whereby 100 most interesting blog will be showcased in PWTC.
Each blog will their own PC. Any visitors are free to use the PC and explore the 100blogs.
The top10 most interesting will get some sort of a prize (though i do not know what it is.)
It'll be fun if you can make to the event.

haan said...

yea, heard about the event. but when i clicked into this post, saw nothing... just a photo... wonder why.. :) thanks for your explanation anyway.

3POINT8 said...

yaya... When i got to know about this event, I was kinda blur too. There are no description about what kind of event is that, Only a date and some fancy pictures.
Anyway, if you are free, come and check it out. Apparently there are lots of interesting events and give-aways.
I'll be there to meet up with some unknown yet interesting blogger.

Nux V said...

good luck!

haan said...

i won't be going. am a bit introvert sometimes :) anyway i sincerely wish u luck. do come back with some good news. wait for ya!

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]

Alrite. Thanks for the wishing! Its pretty heart warming and I appreciated that!

x said...

yay!!!...poker theme with pink background ....:P

Mr & Mrs |mran said...

hi 4444..thanks for inserting my link into the list :). I think I saw u at PWTC. Soo leng chai! You n my hubby kinda similar in several ways, i mean in sense of look :). My hubby (Mr Imran is a chinese also)

How about we exchange link?

chingy said...

Update update!

vickie said...

whoa.. all also very creative

3POINT8 said...

yup...with pink background. I was hoping to attract some ladies to my PC

[Mr & Mrs |mran]
WoW! You saw me at PWTC? Thats great!
But er, I think I missed you. There were too many people and I'm bad with faces.
Sure, Let's exchange link!

as soon as i get back my laptop, I'll update. Or if i'm lucky, someone might threaten me to go cyber cafe today.

yea....you should have been there. There are lots of beautiful deco there. I love the one from curryeeg!