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02 January 2008

New Year Resolution in another POV

Forget about last year's resolution. That's old news. Heck, it didn't matter if its a success. We should all focus on a new year. Speaking of resolution, everyone seemed to be occupied making their own new year resolution.

I read a few blogs and found out that the common ones are:
1) Quit some bad habits (eg: smoking, gambling and drinking. I'm not sure about cheating though)
2) Lose weight
3) Spend more time with friends and family. Or get a bf/gf.
4) Get rich and some super cool gadget.
[Did i miss any major ones?]

Those are personal resolution that applies to an individual. Lets see, if i'm mother earth, I'll probably make something like:
1) More natural disaster [earth's getting crowded]
2) Produce more tree [so that I can grow faster can humans can chop me down]
3) Spin around the sun once more [Thats what mother earth does best]
4) Encourage animals to mate more [more chicken for humans]
[Guys guys, better take care of mother earth. You'll never know when she decides to launch an earthquake to a town near you]

Or if I'm some dead spirit out there, I'll make something like:
1) Scared the hell out of people [Run fatty! You need to exercise more]
2) Whisper to anyone [I'm gonna sharpen your senses to hearing]
3) Move things around [Lets see if i can stimulate your imagination]
4) Possess someone [I'm alive once more!!!]
[If you are freaking scared of ghosts and spirits, dun watch so many ghost stories. You are just reinforcing the belief that they do exist]

If you can make a new year resolution on behalf for someone, what would it be and who it be?


chingy said...

Your another 2008 resolution,

Treat Chingy better. =P

x said...

X's suggestions:

Get laid
Have 3some
have 4some
have 5some
have orgy/ies


宝茹 said...

Hahaha, the dead guy resolution is creative!

curryegg said...

Hello 3point8!
Happy 2008!!!!

Wah.... reduce weight? Kekekzz...

3POINT8 said...

treat chingy better! *writes down in my resolution list*

your suggestion sounds tempting!

Haha! Thanks!

Happy 2008!!

Sunshine said...

1) Scared the hell out of people [Run fatty! You need to exercise more]

hahaha i like that one :)