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21 January 2008

Bad Timing

Remember the famous rap music 'Stan' by Eminem a few years ago?
The song about a famous singer who could have saved a frantic fan's life if he could have reply the fan mail earlier before the frantic fan committed suicide?

Nothing much can be blamed other than bad timing.
That is what I'm experiencing now. Bad timing.

I feel obliged to blog about the recent Youth 08 Traffic Jam event happened a few days ago. And I foresee that I'm suppose to add in a few pictures just to prove how happening I am to be mixing around with celebrities, rising celebrities and potential celebrities.

Sadly, my pride is being heldback as my computer is still with the service company since last week. I'm sitting in the cyber cafe with all the DOTA and CounterStrike Sound effect as i blog.
As a result, I can't transfer those seemingly 'happening' picture to my super owning com, and I do not have the luxury of blogging with my professional looking black-themed keyboard along with my infamous mouse.

I'll just make this a quickie:
-> I saw the 4 featured celebrity blogger. [KennySia, NicoleTan, RingoTan and PinkPau]
-> I managed to have a chat with:
funny guy royalshortness,
the humble blogger curryegg,
cancer-survivor yuinyin,
007 sc_bone,
lollipop EriPeng,
PSP winner joshuatly,
nuffnang insider Jenkinyat
photobloggers like Mich, Smashpop, HungWei, KimFei, Chingy, Hiew88, AhKwong, Fattien
entertainment people like Point Blanc, and Excaliber.

[Since their image and their blog can project so much fame that could potentially rival choi shen yeah's, I'll just leech some of their fame aura and claim it as mine. *Evil grin*]


x said...

looks like there were lots of hot babes there :P

Even tho i am not a big fan of hip hop music I heart Eminem :P

Michelle Chin said...

How come never say hi to me????


chingy said...



I don't really think I'm a photo blogger, shall be one when I get my DSLR! MUahahaha.

vickie said...

huh I saw my friends' pic in pointblanc and excaliber's blog cilaka never ajak me go on that day!!

Yatz said...

nice to meet u again :)

amb3r1te said...

hey, it was nice meeting u!

hope u get your comp back soon!

curryegg said...

hey 3point8.. how are you there?
Hehe.. having a short holiday... ;)
Feel like missing the moment in Traffic Jam..


3POINT8 said...

Lots of leng lui there. And they tend to group together...

[michelle chin]
Sorry michelle. I'm not very good at saying 'hi' to pwetty girls...
Hi! Hope this works

walau...another upcoming photoblogger

Yalor...why never go? I want to say hi to you agian.

nice meeting u too!
Got back my com! Yay!

Seems like you love crowds!
I must admit, i was a good event to socialise around

Bengbeng said...

ah..i can now see the faces behind some of the blogs i visit :)