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24 January 2008

[Photo] Youth 08 Traffic Jam

Unrelated stuff: Got back my laptop on Thaipusam day! Ain't you jealous Benard? Muahahax3
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Late is better than never. Here you go, photos from the recent Youth + Nuffnang Traffic Jam. In this post, I'm gonna compose a pose containing more than 13000 words.

Every event require the presence of well-known celebrity. If one celebrity is good enough, more is even better.

I wasn't able to snap a photo with any of the celebrity blogger. As they were swarmed by other people, I took this opportunity to snap a photo with Point Blanc from Poetic Ammo and Excaliber from Voyeur Records.

There were some cool event happening in Youth 08 Traffic Jam.

Nuffnang founder, Timothy stressed saying that Traffic Jam is an event to bring bloggers together. The goal is to create a blogging community where people can make new friends and interact with one another.
If thats the main goal, then they've achieved it! I'm the living proof who managed to meet a few bloggers and had a friendly chat with them. Photos below:

For those wondering: "what happened to all the other pwetty girls?"
Well, I'm a shy boy, especially when the crowd is huge. Thats why I blog.


curryegg said...

My wish has been granted.. Good boy..
Nice to meet you there 3point8..

David Cheong said...


Now I really regret bringing my boxers ady... Hahaha!!!

littlepolaris said...

U r not shy... u r just... =_= speechless

Michelle Chin said...

No wonder you never said hi to me.


sc_Bone said...

dude, i feel you...
coz im a shy person as well when in big crowd.. ahaks

x said...

Aisay, next time just snap every girl in sight la, so that your reader can cuci mata :p

usws said...

Is it me or does everyone in your photos look older/maturer than i do. Crap, i think i need to grow. LOL!

And darn, i didn't achieve what you did.. the whole meeting other bloggers thingy. I don't even dare buka mulut to ask for photos or talk about their sites. So obviously, celebrities are ever harder to approach.

OMG, when did the Siths come out? I only saw those cosplayers cum MMORPG promoters and Doc Oc there. Was in on Sunday during the fashion event?


p.s. "That's why i blog" - Don't lah make us all sound so sad.. XD (although it's true for me too :P)

Eileen said...

Wow, shy already got so many pictures? But yes mostly guys :( I am disappointed :P Wukakaka....

宝茹 said...

Hahahahaha...that first line really caught my eye.

Hahahaha...better he not read that, :P

3POINT8 said...

Your wish is irresistible. I just had to fulfill your wish. Btw, It was nice meeting you too, curryegg. Always wanted to meet up with you.

[david cheong]
Eh, your boxers is still the best lar! Other than curryegg's curry and egg, your boxer is the most eye catching thing there dy!

Yes I know, I'm a charming guy!
thx for the unspoken compliment. Ehehe

[michelle chin]
Yalor yalor. I got intimidated by your beauty. But seeing the way you say 'hi' to me, I'll definately go up and say 'hi' to you the next time I see you!

hi 5! we should start a shy guy club here in msia. Sure can attract lots of beauties

Aisay... I think if they want to cuci mata, they wouldn't be visiting my blog

Cheer up! Socialising is easy once you get the hang of it. I'm still learning the 'art of socializing'
oh, the star wars people were there at saturday in the afternoon. And on sunday, I saw a bunch of Bleach cosplay.
Btw, that last sentence of yours made me LOL!

Yalor yalor, didn't managed to snap photos with girls. I really need to learn to talk to pretty girls.

About the 1st line....I wonder if I offended him. Oh well, I'm sure benard is a very patient young man. huahuahuax3

742 said...

13000 words... Sounds familiar wor =P

Lol you are shy but you put so many photos of you in this post =P

vickie said...

if you're why then I consider as what huh? the Pink Moki (last pic) from iTALK!!

amb3r1te said...

eh, im not girl ar?
i thought we took pics together?
i didnt post our pic coz my fren wanted to be anonymous, i think he wont mind if u post it here without mentioning who he is.:D

(why am i so shameless, asking ppl to publish my pic -_-") LOL~

Cometh said...

Oh yeah, rub it in....rub it in...

Now you hit the nerve button....



This is COMETH!!!!!! and I am gonna get me one kickass lappie... =p

No lar.... I am so over the laptop thing already.... =p

Nux V said...

aha...finally i see some pictures of some familiar bloggers-mate over here...

3POINT8 said...

For a moment I had that powerful ecstatic evil grin on my face until I read your last line. Sigh...

[Nux V]
Familiar faces? Who who??

ahkwong said...

woot saw my pic here... kekeke

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

i'm royalshortness' sis.was workin at point's booth the other day.i think i met you though i can't recall.

3POINT8 said...

Hey there

Oh yea... I met you. I remember that both of u all were convincing me buy the album. Ahaha, though i did not buy it, I managed to convince someone to buy one.

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

oh ok.how's aussie?

3POINT8 said...

Aussie is alrite. Actually, its more suited for people who enjoy a slower pace lifestyle. Perfect for retirees.
As for my opinion, pay here is much better than any SEA countries.

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

how's d job?

3POINT8 said...

Haven't found a job yet..