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11 January 2008

Proud to be a Malaysian

This post is inspired by Quachee: what is it about Malaysia that makes you proud?
Summary: I'm proud to be a Malaysian because I'm living in a country with fantastic array of food, colourful culture and rich heritage.

I was born and raised in KL, the city center. All of life, I've been spending racing and competing with my peers. And its not uncommon for my parents tell tales of their 'business gossip', which share and 4D to buy. After all these years of listening to my parents tale, I've come to develop a slight feeling of resentment.

Then there were stress which came from school. Back then, I used to watch western movies and I was envious of their education system. It showcased students not having to fear speaking their mind and wearing what they want. Over here in Malaysia, whatever comes out from the teacher's mouth is the absolute truth!

And so, that resentment grew bit by bit as I grew up. That was when I was still in secondary school. Somehow along the way, that resentment slowly subside. Perhaps it was my school who taught us the meaning of patriotic and the spirit of muhibah. There were no hint of racism nor class division in front of my eyes. Well, the rich ones were slightly at an advantage as compared to the poorer ones, but generally speaking Everyone was treated equally.

By the time I graduated from secondary school and entered college life, the resentment came back. I was constantly annoyed by how fast city life was. We had to this and that within an impossible time frame. It was crazy! I was stressed, I was bogged down. I thought to myself, Msia sucks!

I was living in an environment where ah beng and ah lian lurks around everywhere, a place where flying rumors of bra-roberry, teen-kidnapping, and charismatic-conman are nothing to be surprised of. Yup, Msia sucks!

Somewhere in between, I was fortunate to be transfered to a foreign country, Australia for education. The moment I reached there, I thought to myself: "Ha! I'm free from the clutches yumcha-police, funny-politicians, and unmotivated gov msian workers."

While I was enjoying the benefits of being in Aus, the memories Malaysia was slowly slipping out of my head. It wasn't a few weeks later that i noticed something was amiss. I was deprived of msian food, msian jokes, and cheap msian stuff. That was when I found myself constantly drawn back to a vague image of my home country. I was miserably missing Malaysia.

The next 2 years was the worst time of my life! I was craving for authentic nasi lemak, teh o' ais limau, yumcha night life, and rainy days. Yes, even rainy days!

In Malaysia, we worry about robbery. In Sydney, we were worried about terrorism and racism. In Malaysia, we can always get food any time of the day. In Sydney, Everything is pretty much dead after 5pm. Also, I love the commercials from Malaysia, especially those Petronas commercial. [of course, Sydney has its own good trait too. But to choose between 2 countries, I rather live in Malaysia when I'm retired]

Besides, I think Malaysians are the among the rare people who treat criticism as a friendly joke! Try saying: "You Lousy-lar" to an angmoh, and you better get ready to protect your precious eyes.

Ironic as it sounds, I resented Malaysia while I was there. I started to appreciate Malaysia's beauty after having experience a foreign country. I guess what they say is true, people will never know they have until they lose it.

What used to be my resentment is now my pride. And I'm proud to be a Malaysian

[3POINT8 is still a young 22yrs old brat. And his most of his recent life revolved around the education world of school, college and university. I'll let you know if I'm still proud of my country after stepping into the working world.]

Are you proud of your country? What is it that infused you with pride?


pinksterz said...


Princess Eileen said...

I also agree.... and I didnt even go overseas to study. But one year working overseas I also feel it. But it is more to the belonging and friends that makes me miss Malaysia.

sc_Bone said...

the grass is always looks greener at the other side
but when u get to reach to that grass, only u reliz its not the grass that u want....
That's life, man!

742 said...

"whatever comes out from the teacher's mouth is the absolute truth"

Lol! Back then, I used to use that line "Teacher say one" as a back up.

One thing nice about M'sians is, we can easily adapt to one's culture. Like for me, I will tend to change the slang when speaking to people from different countries. And we watch dramas from HK, TW, JP, KR, US.

And food for 24 hours. And cheap goods. And cheap sa*man (nonit to pay actual amount =P). And the "lahs". And many friends here.

But Aussie's weather is cooler la (not during winter, too cold; not during summer, too hot and lots of annoying flies), pay higher (but tax higher oso), car cheaper (but maintenance exp).

So how to choose? Earn there and spend here during summer. Muahaha!

chingy said...

But I don't like Msia's government. AH RARRRRR!

keeyit said...

Good post for yourself. Hey, I know more history on you liao on this post. Yeah, proud to be malaysian !

mich said...

yup!! talking about foods msia is still the best... although we might like pasta, cheese and bread but we cant take that everyday also what; about choices we have in msia is like FUIYO!! what you want u get it ar... haha
Hmm....robbery is everywhere la, not even in msia onli; just pray for the best only what we can do and be careful. But i do trust that, if you did nothing harm to others, u gonna get fait treat whole life through...i duno do you agree with that la, but i do. =D

Mich said...


x said...

i am interested in the bra -robbery part :P, can tell more ka ?

Ik said...

Very funny post!
i totally agree with you!
I really miss the malaysian food right now...and the hot weather!
It is so freezing cold here...

3POINT8 said...

want what? what do u want?
Oh i get it... You want an egyptian price? Sleep early tonight then

[Princess Eileen]
Ya, its the sense of belonging and the company. Home is still the best place to be!
Btw, I feel so happy that u commented something on my blog even though you are enjoying yourself in a land far far away!

Wow. this quote is cool! gotta jot this down!

Its true saman here is 'cheap'. but i know some of them simply give saman one. Tak berbaloi!
And yaya, msians adapt real fast in a foreign country! I have friends who can change slang in a jiffy.
Earn there and spend here during summer? That is what i'm planning to do. muahahax3

Shhhh.... don't want to attract too many attention about the gov, would we?
I know we both 'love' msia!

whawha, keeyit is trying to bodek my past =D
Yup, proud to be a Malaysian! Msia boleh!

you believe in karma mich? what comes around goes around?
Hmm...come to think about it, I've never been robbed. I only heard stories from my friends.

Bra robbery ar? Student area sure got lots of bra-roberry one. The rush into a house, get it, and run!
Well, the stupid ones will smell 1st then run.

Thanks for the compliment!
I don't like cold weather. Makes me want to stay in bed with that warm warm comforter whole day.
Well, you can always get a budget air tic and fly back to msia!

Pink Leo said...

Well, somehow I do agree with you. I've been living in various states in Malaysia from Penang to Melaka, Singapore (7 years) and now I am in USA. There are many things that always make me wanna go back to Malaysia.But STILL, there are many things that Malaysian should and CAN improve to be a better place to stay! First thing of all, the fu*king 'ketuanan melayu' thingy. I hate that nowadays newspaper keep pointing out Malay/Chinese/Indian instead of Malaysian. Hei, we are all anak Malaysia, we love Malaysia!

And 1 more thing, Malaysia is one of the 10 exotic, affordable retiree havens (http://pink-leo.blogspot.com/2007/11/welcome-to-malaysiato-retire.html)

Malaysia Boleh!

宝茹 said...

I'm proud to be a Filipino!!! :) Yay!!!

I'm proud of to be part of a colorful culture!!!

I'm proud of my beautiful country!!!

Mich said...

Yup!! Coz have seen too much and heard too much from people ard me ady... so, how about u?? not believe it exist??

MerDuriaN said...

you just missing Malaysia sometimes, but don't forget if you want to start a business in Malaysia, priority will be given to islamic.... Don't ever forget about this....Malaysia going to be an Islamic country soon

iCalvyn.com said...

i will be proud if the law and regulation here are fair... and not bias with race...

other then this, i will be proud if the police do their job and go to catch those criminal... without stand and the road site and wear the "saya anti rasuah" badge... and hope us treat them coffee

3POINT8 said...

[pink leo]
Hey pink leo!
Yup, there are alot of things that can be improved on. I don't know, I'm just content about the Malaysia the way it is.

Yes, be proud of your own country! Its where home is!

I have mixed feelings about karma. When good things happen, I say its karma. When bad things happen, I try to look at the bright side. I like believe that karma is a very forgiving thing. =D

Malaysia going to be an Islamic country soon? Isn't malaysia an Islamic country now?

LOL! Police with "saya anti rasuah" badge hoping for a cup of coffee

Mich said...

yup...hv to be flexible about it, coz life is in our hand. We rule our own life, being happy when something happen is easier to live than keep on feel sorrow about it.. Life without ups and downs wasnt a perfect life ady =)

Sameer said...

Nice post it will helpful know little bit information and culture about your country. ofcourse Malaysia is great country and brightest future.
"Its true coz when we left our country than only we realize that how important is our country, culture, relative, friends........ for us."

KH said...

Great article, very honest and sincere.

I'm from Singapore, and the situation is the opposite: we live in an environment where we have nothing to worry about and yet people still find things to complain about.

I'm proud of Singapore because of the opportunities that I've been given. Although it's not the perfect country, at least we are quite popular with immigrants.

Glad to know that you are in love with your country.