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19 January 2008

Bound by Superstition

I had a sense of satisfaction when I saw my post in innit’s top5 post today.
I felt obliged to construct a post so good, so magnificent and thought provoking that it would blew the mind of blog readers in PTWC today.

I drafted a few posts which I thought would be interesting. I drafted one about ‘sarcasm’, one on ‘being the best’, and 38 other posts related to exaggeration.
I wanted people to visit my PC, spend a few minutes there, then walk away with the feeling that they’ve just read the best freaking article that could potentially be used to convince Eskimos to drop their religion and start worshipping a new god, this post!

I was trying to please the crowd, I was trying to be the best. I wanted recognition and I wanted fame. I wanted it so badly that I considered ‘copy and paste’ a freaking good article I read written by a bedroom blogger. I thought of going to the extra mile by modifying a few words here and there.

But plagarism is the worst offence any blogger can make. Instead, I thought of writting something original then go the extra mile by googling lots of jokes, fast facts and compile everything into the ultimate post in 3POINT8.

Just as soon as I wrote the ULTIMATE POST, I happen to stumble upon this quote: 'The Extra Mile will have no traffic jams.'

Sounds controversial if you ask me since my blog is being featured in 'Traffic Jam' for the weekend.

Christians believed that there are no coincidences, Chinese believed in fate, Indians believed in vasthu sastra and some believed in astrology, numerology and all sort of ‘-ology’ [note that this does not apply to everyone]

Coincidently reading the quote is no coincidence at all. It must be a sign from the gods.

Therefore ‘Going for the extra mile’ is not recommended. To play safe, I should back up one mile instead and wipe out my ULTIMATE POST from this cruel world.

To those who is reading this post in PWTC: Having Voting~~~
To those at home: Thanks for reading! To have read this far, you are indeed a loyal reader! Muncho gracias. Xie Xie.


Nux V said...

thanking me? you're welcomed! wuahaha...

pinksterz said...

this is your best post so far kif IMO!

anyway you're welcomed! 8D

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
yea, you are one of my earlier supporters!
Thank you nux!! For supporting my blog for so long!

Best post *sob*, I feel so honoured! I wrote this post within 15mins, which is way much faster compared to all my other posts.
Thanks pinky! Chat with u on msn again when I get back my laptop...

Falcon said...

really great post...Salute u

cbenc12 said...

well done!

x said...

Great work!!! I will sokong 3point8 mia blog until the very last drop :P and not to mentioned all fine and hot blogger babes...YAY!!!!

usws said...

For some reason, i remember this post being much longer when i read it at PWTC yesterday. Edited it after seeing the quote?


p.s. Hello hello!

3POINT8 said...

Thanks falcon!


Fuiyoh! Support my blog till the end... Kamdong. I feel like crying now. but macho man don't cry.
*I...have.. to.. hold back my tears*

I'm guessing that the screen in PWTC is smaller than your PC screen. So, I'm guessing that post is a bit longer than usual because the width has been reduced.
Anyway, I'm so glad that you read my blog in PWTC.