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15 January 2008


Unrelated Stuff: Sent my laptop for service today. Sigh, sad days... I won't be able to surf the net for the next couple of days, unless someone threatens me to play DOTA.

Ego...an opinion of yourself, a feeling of your own importance.
Everyone has that sense of self-importance. The feeling that I AM the superior being, I AM the most important of all, I AM the greatest of all. The center of attention is always ME and ME and ME!!!

Someone says: "Hey, I have friends. Just look at the connections I have in my phonebook!"
An egoistic person tops up with: "Thats nothing! I have a million friends on my friendster account, another million friends on my Tag account, another million friends on Myspace, and another million on Facebook! Ha! Beat that!!!"
And the most egoistic person would probably say: "What?? That's it?? HA! you know what?? I have so many friends that I even know who 3POINT8 is!! See, look, I visit to his blog!! Now this is the solid prove that I'm sociable.. I do not need fake made-up friends on social network"

There you go. Do you see how a person's ego spice up their life??

Anyone have the right to have massive amount of ego regardless of profession. Hey, even dishwasher can claim that: "Dude, you know what? I've seen the Prime Minister in the restaurant before. But that's nothing!! The best stuff I've ever done in my life is washing plates for the great 3POINT8!!"
Yea...something like that...

But I guess the worst profession to show off your ego is the job as an assassin. Isn't it tempting to show how much you are able to perform in a bar fight, to impress a charming lady with your big herculean muscles? Well, The cops will be around looking for him if he succumb to his ego.

Yup, 3POINT8 is still the greatest blogger ever lived!
Don't you just love talking to an egoistic bastard?


pinksterz said...

hello? i am important! where's MY RED CARPET?!

x said...

try being the greatest Lover like Don Juan De Marco :P

Johnny Ong said...

yeah and i helped 3.8 became the greatest blogger

3POINT8 said...

your red carpet is still here with me... you'll get ur turn when u come back to msia. remember to dress sexy sexy to suit the environment ya!

Don Juan De Marco.
Time to wiki!

[johnny ong]
And i shall make johnny ong to be the greatest in return...
btw, thanks for the support ya!

chingy said...


Okla, for once, Kokfye is the greatest blogger in his household.


3POINT8 said...

If i can be the best in the household, I can be the best in the state.
If I can be the best in the state, I can be the best in the country.
If I can be the best in the country, I can be the best in the whole universe!

宝茹 said...

Hahahahah...yay for ego trips!!!