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05 January 2008

adverlets -> adbaaz

Summary: If you are with adverlets and you have the same problem with your blog being directed to adbaaz.com, remove the adverlets html script.

Full Story:
A few minutes ago, I visited my blog and i was directed to adbaaz.com
So, I googled around and found out that this problem has been around since september 2007. It was reported that this kind of problem is kinda irregular and freaking annoying! When someone mentioned that it could be some sort of a spyware or malware, I freaked out and scan my com with every antivirus there is known to mankind. I was so paranoid that i started downloading freeware that scans for spyware, adware and malware.

When I calmed down, I noticed that this kind of problem only happens to certain blog. Funny that the problem doesn't occur when i go into facebook, friendster or yahoo.

So then, I went into my own blog once more to check out my html script. I Found nothing odd and yet i got directed to the freaking annoying adbaaz website. It was then i noticed adverlets.com being written in that adbaaz website!

So, the natural thing to do is to visit adverlets.com to find out if any other people have the same problem. Surprised and shocked, it states that adverlets expired on 3rd jan 2008. WoW!

WoW! I removed my adverlets html script and everything went back to normal. My blog is now a-ok!!
Apparently the problem is with adverlets html script. It seems that the adverlets.com was not renew and caused all blogs with advertlets banners to be directed to adbaaz.

Feeling relief, it wasn't a bug or a spyware to caused my blog to go haywire. The culprit had been adverlets.com. WoW! Great job!

Now that everyone is feeling dissatisfied with adverlets, it'll be interesting to know what kind of method they'll use to redeem themselves.

If you are with adverlets and you have the same problem with your blog being directed to adbaaz.com, remove the adverlets html script.
If you are not with adverlets and you have the same problem, it could be a spyware in your com.


chingy said...

Ah yes, lucky I've removed Advertlets since last month. Would not care bout the RM0.43 I have there. Hahahaha.

x said...

eh ...i got RM49++ inside ler ...but what the hell la, in the end if i cash out, they will say fraud click mia....fuck it ...i threw my ad away, along side with ad sense ..yay!!!

MerDuriaN said...

Erm.. seems like today most of the blog faced this problem... If you go to Innit - NuffNang you'll definiately see most of the post were talking about Adverlets

pinksterz said...

adverlet is so fucked up! HAHAHAHAHA!

3POINT8 said...

*sob* I have rm70+ there....

fraud click? U kena fraud click be4?
U threw away all ur ads? How come so sudden 1?

Yaya, everyone in innit is making noise about adverlets. I guess nuffnang team will be laughing all the way!

They are...they are...

x said...

Not fraud click ler...but is asking the ahmoi hamsap bastard to click on the ads becuz i told hem i was the supermodel in one of advertlets toyata ads a fraud? wukakakaa....i am tryng to minimised load time and when it happen yesterday, i just try advertlets away, along with my USD0.38 ad sense.

宝茹 said...

I thought my blog was hacked! >_< I noticed the Advertlets connection too but didn't know what to do. Thanks for the advice! :)

chingy said...

Wah, so much.
I think Advertlets will be back.
No worries. XD

CresceNet said...

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3POINT8 said...

no, I think it wouldn't be considered as a fraud if its not a request from your blog url.
LOL! USD0.38.... dun worry, its gonna skyrocket soon!

Another victim of adverlets. btw, Your welcome!

Well, its gonna be a tough period on them especially after what happened recently.

Man, i have no idea what language is that. Sorry... hope you can explain it in english.

Johnny Ong said...

i had the same problem and as usual, did the trial and error by removing the advertlets html script and to my surprised i got it fixed

i reacted the same way thinking that i got hit by spyware and did a scan immediately. phew! nothing though.

Calv said...

wahahaha i have that same problem as well, but i was not like u going paranoid and all la....i just went to advertlets.com and found out the expiry....naturally removing the site wahahahaha.... anyways now we have an a-ok blog back :p

ku(ai said...

same with me.. i thought somebody hacked into my blog and make a meta refresh to that site.. i think again.. and realise that adverlets have that problem.. so i remove the adverlets scripts.. hehe

keeyit said...

Yeah I faced that too.. Once I remove it then ok liao.. thanks for the tips

chingy said...

Updateeeeeee lor Epic Kif. =P
But you are not as epic as me! Muahhahahhaa.

Bengbeng said...

anyway no big deal for me, jus lose a day's traffic..i have removed the html script. thx for the tip

cbenc12 said...

i first found out the problem on ur blog!! yeah tis blog.. then went over to my fren's xanga blog, also kena.. only today i found out..
hmm.. wat lar wif this adverlerts.. nuffnang sure have a good laugh at them ;D

3POINT8 said...

[johnny ong]
Ahaha...glad to hear that i'm not the only paranoid one.

Aisay, u expert in IT mar. I'm one paranoid person who is damn scared of virus and spyware stuff

hey! new commentor! Welcome welcome to my blog.

Your welcome!

I am EPIC!

Your welcome.
btw, a day's traffic makes alot of difference. Its gonna leave a bad impression on lots of blog readers.

Ya man....I think nuffnang team are like 'Yes! WooHoo!! Bonus for every staff this year!'