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02 November 2007

Chapter Thesis: Done!

I've handed up my thesis report today! The biggest baddest most frustrating uni project is all over for me! No more sleepless nights! This is the break I've been looking forward to ever since the start of my thesis! For that, a celebration we shall have!

End of Thesis Celebration! [KokFye is the charming guy in red]

Next Chapter: Corporate Domination! [KokFye is the charismatic guy on the left]

Can someone teach me how share markets and economics works???


Cometh said...

I can reveal a bit how shares and economics work......macro and micro..lol..but then again.....it is better if you ask Uncle Google... =p

Johnny Ong said...

depends where u want to apply that knowledge. in m'sia, knowledge abt it is futile. important is - whom u know that will pass u those secret info at the right timing.

宝茹 said...

Corporate domination~~ :P

So all your uni life is over? When's graduation?

Nux V said...

someone is abt to step into the working world...

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Yo! Congradz! good luck to ur post-uni life!

buta chan said...

yay for u! so lucky!
i'm like the 'baby'... just done with yr 1! in fact... not even done yet. 1 more essay, 2 exams! yeah!

X said...

It's time to party till you turn purple :D

Princess Eileen said...

I am a pure science student, working in a business world now. Muahahaa... dun think I be the one to tell you. Market shares... err.. maybe :P Economics??? Langsung tak tau... Eh, ask the MBA *ahem ahem* Cometh lar

3POINT8 said...

Uncle Google eh? I sure to pay him a visit after my final exam

[johnny ong]
knowledge about it is futile? But aren't those the stuff that makes ppl rich, powerful and all mighty?

Yup! my Graduation on july 2008

[Nux V]
Yea...and its abit scary! Its a whole new environment!


Took your advice, and it didn't turn out well. Thats the reason why i didn't had the chance to blog for so long. *Folks, dun listen to mr.x's advice!*

[Princess Eileen]
Ask Cometh...cometh says ask uncle google... Uncle google ask me to ask this person and that.. Will the circle never end??

3POINT8 said...

[buta chan]
I also want to go back to yr1. Thats where all the fun is! I dun want to graduate from year4!!!