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24 November 2007

Blogger Gathering

Yay! I managed to attend the blogger gathering organized by Princess.Eileen and Evelynholic last friday.

Long Long grandmother story begins here:
Friday, 23rd Nov 2007
9.30pm : Arrived in KLIA
10.10pm : Checkout and got out from the airport
10.55pm : Reached back home, frantically took out my msian IC and my drivers license.
11.10pm : Left home, started my journey to the Curve (gathering venue)

Its been 10months since I last drove. When I first drove the car, I was going at 20km/hr. I think 3 cars honked at me! 5mins later, I slowly ramp it up to 80km/hr and then started to speed at 110km/hr

11.40pm : Reached Damansara
11.40~11.55pm : Turn round and round figuring out where is the Curve.

That Friday was the 1st time I've been to the Curve. I managed to find the parking area after 15mins circling here and there. When I went up to the shopping complex, I panicked when I saw 2 cleaners mopping the floor. Everything was closed and not a person was in sight (except for the 2 cleaner who is staring at me with a very weird look)
Luckily there is a thing called a phone! I found out that those bloggers were in Scarlet clubbing their heart out. I spent another 10mins looking at the building directory only to figure that Scarlet is not in the Curve. Its in the building next to the Curve.

So, made my way to the Curve. On the way there, I managed to bump into Nkwai and Hungwei.
They were so delighted when I told them that I saw them before in the blogosphere. (I mean, I would react the same way if some unknown stranger suddenly comes up to you and said something like: "You look familiar! Do you blog??")

12.**am : Entered Scarlet and met up with the rest of the blogger.

I met up PE and Evie for the 1st time along with yatz, aby, fattien, kimfei, mich, calv, anston, and enegue. (I managed to recall 8 bloggers name. The rest...tak ingat lor)
I met them all in the club. Aisay, I missed a hug from PE. I was kinda blur when I entered the club. I saw PE with her hands wide open and I was standing there like an idiot. Plus, I brought something for PE, but I didn't hand it to her. I was really blur then. *Mistake mistake*
In the club...it was pretty noisy, packed with lights flickering around. Not exactly the perfect place to meet new friends. I gave up on having a proper conversation with any of them since I can hardly hear anything even though they were shouting next to my ears. [Hehe, I do take delight in hearing PE's voice though.]

2.**am : Went limteh with the remaining bloggers who refused to go back home.

This is when I managed to get their name, and the blog they author. And thanks to them, I know that I shouldn't drive anywhere on 24th and 25th of nov because of a possible protest going on in msia.

2.30am : Gathering over. Everyone parted ways, and I too made my way back home.

I got lost in Damansara again. Spent 20mins only to figure out that I making 5 circles around 1Utama, and the Curve. I admit, that was humiliating! 5 circles! I don't think anyone can beat that!

Overall, the gathering is kinda fun! I get to see PE, evie and I managed to meet a couple of new friends!

Interesting note:
1) Now I know why 1 fella stressed to me that anston is a guy! His blog add is daisycave!
2) Nkwai and Hungwei are like professional photographers with their huge cameras.


宝茹 said...

Nice! Have pictures ma? :D

2:30 AM!!! So late already!!!

Nux V said...

wow....after flight, straight away drove to the Curve..summore 10 months din drive...manyak shiok!

Princess Eileen said...

Haha.. it was nice to meet you too. even though the environment dun let us talk. Err... my voice is deep, not flattering o... HAHAHA, i want my pressie!!! How ar? I leaving wor :(

x said...

baru balik sudah keluar...wukakakkaka

i lespect la ...if gua i tidur terlanjang kat rumah :P

ahem ahem ..hinting liao ..do something :P

pinksterz said...

eh i want pressie too!!!!!!!!! =D

i heard that my name was said by few shouters there from yipguseng! kakakaka pinksterz was there!

illiteraly :S

Cometh said...

Nobody mentioned me??? So sad... =p

Next time make it in Kuching then... =p

Yatz said...

nice to meet u too, but i've changed my hosting actually :)

HungWei said...

ehh, we are not professional lar...
and u missed out ahkwong @ blog.ahkwong.com wor... haha...

Jade Z. said...

yeerrr... so unfair... *sulk!!!*

khengsiong said...

Hehe... when I drove for the 1st time in the U.S., I was also panic...

evelyn said...

wey welcome home!! come back only got attend party huh....

Johnny Ong said...

can see that u fellas did enjoy the gathering

3POINT8 said...

Haha...I didn't manage to take any photos there...sigh... This is the sad story of a boy who doesn't owns a digicam

[nux v]
Yaya..After flight, drove to curve. It was pretty scary at 1st. Long time never drive.

[Princess Eileen]
haha...listen to your voice a bit....is good enuff for me..

Hinting liao?? oh...thanks for the hint...I didn't catch it until u mentioned...hehe

nupe...never heard your name mentioned! Muahahahax3

Nupe...no one mentioned u too!! Muahahax3!!! You can always fly to KL like how i did!!!

Yup, nice meeting you too! Changed your hosting??

ahkwong @ blog.ahkwong.com
Cool...i'll check out his blog then!

[jade z.]
nvm nvm...Sure got nxt time 1. i heard there is another gathering by jason phoon, pinksterz and mr.x

WoW! Driving in US...Is it very different from msia??

Haha...ya...the reason I went back that day is to go party with bloggers!!

[johnny ong]
I sure did enjoy the gathering!

curryegg said...

You went to the gathering too? Sob... If not can meet you lor..
sigh.. :(