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29 November 2007

Tag - Stupid looking 3POINT8

I got tagged by Evie and Kimfei. When evie 1st tagged me, I thought I could quietly get away with it. But evie is a very persistent woman! I guess she hired Kimfei to tag me!

#Here's the rules. All you gotta do is post the most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture. Secondly, Just tag 5 people to do it, Then you're done. OK?!

[Picture taken on October 2005]
A-BENG meter: "Dear user, our meter shows signs of abnormality. It appears that your A-Beng rating far exceeds our maximum range. Definitely >100% A-beng, Confirmed! "
So, er.....Do you think I'm I eligible to do a commercial with Gatsby?
[More of 3POINT8's donkey faces can be found here.]
I tag:
1) FoonLing [http://strawberry-journey.blogspot.com/]
2) Curryegg [http://curryegg.blogspot.com/]
3) Chingy [http://c-chingz.blogspot.com/]
4) Pinksterz [http://pinksterzisme.blogspot.com/]
5) mr.x [http://xniquetx.blogspot.com/]


curryegg said...

uuhh??? Post my stupid look?
Should I say thanks??

Oopsss... haha...

宝茹 said...

What did you do with your hair?! Hehehehe...:P

x said...


i got macho pic only wor.....
who got stupid one ....

i see what i can do ...

pinksterz said...

too bad i dont have any stupid pics to show.

i am a genius. :P

Calv said...

waa u did it not bad. at least now i know my authored tag did circulate wahahaha

Nux V said...

LOL! cool hairstyle! reminds me of 'Sanjaya' (frm American Idol) though not really resembling his style.

3POINT8 said...

oh my....you are welcome....ehehehe

:) I dyed it gold! I know its kind of a rebellious act...But hey, it was fun!

Then show your most stupid macho pic! I'm waiting

I'm sure genius have even more stupid pics to flash around!

Oh? You authored this tag??? WoW! This is a good 1!!!

[nux v]
Ehehehe....someone is comparing me to san jaya...WoW

Cometh said...

Definitely a Gatsby candidate...

Should ask them sponsor you... =p

Johnny Ong said...

wah lau - the last mohicans?????

3POINT8 said...

Thats it! I'm gonna go ask gatsby!

[johnny ong]
Yup! The last mohicans! I wonder if people think I'm a no good wrecker if I walk pass the street with this kind of hair style..

littlepolaris said...

my gawd....
1 word = disastrous!!!!!