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07 November 2007


Its been 5days since my last post!

You know what? I took mr.X advice on 'It's time to party till you turn purple :D'
And it didn't turn out good. I wanted to exaggerate to the point where I got alcohol poisoning, and got hospitalize. Then again, I wouldn't want people to worry about me.
Folks, mr.X has been known to be the king of sepam who claims to love pink. But for some reason, he changed his blog template to bloody red. Pretty suspicious if you ask me! Bottom line, don't listen to his advice.....Seriously! [Btw if you have time, check out his blog at http://xniquetx.blogspot.com]

Speaking of friends, we all have friends don't we?
When I first started this blog, my aim is to tell people how I'm doing when I first came to australia, especially my parents cause I don't like writing formal emails to my parents. (My mom always stress that I should include the word 'Dear xxx' and 'Regards xxx' in all of my mail.)

But now, this blog has achieve more than that! I made a few new friends!
3 days ago, a good good blogger friend, Princess Eileen said: "I consider u good fren :)"
WoW! What an honour! I feel so appreciated! *warm fuzzy feeling*

So, yea.....blogs did bring improvement to my social life! Some may claim that its virtual, fake and it doesn't have much impact compared to real physical face to face contact...... But I don't care, since I don't share the same view as those people.

By the way, I got 2 awards from adyla!
1) Blogging That Hits The Mark
2) Break Out Blogger.

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Did you make any new friends through blogging?


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes!Blogging brighten up ur life! And u do made a lot of new 'friend'. Oh congratulation on ur two award!
Have a nice day!

evelyn said...

wah... you got hospitalised for alchohol intoxication?? gosh.. take a break, your poor liver...

seems like alot of people going in and out of hospital eh?

Princess Eileen said...

Are you ok??? Alcohol intoxication? Anyway, like what I mentioned in your cbox, I will mentioned here again. So it will always be here :P

"KokFye, that's this amazing thing about you. You listen, you keep in mind & heart, and you try ur best to make other ppl happy! Gem!!!"

I hope you dun get diabetic after listening to this. Wukakakaka.... Yeah, I totally agree with you. I meet quite a number of amazing ppl from the blogosphere, some remain behind screen, some manage to meet, oh well, you are in my waiting list to meet o.... Hehehe... Anyway,

"I consider u good fren :)" You are appreciated!

Nux V said...

hey, u 'masuk wad'?
then, u should b thankful coz hav some pretty nurses to look after u..wuakakaka

anyway, congrats on ur 2 awards!

Cometh said...

Me now very jealous.... Princess say those things to you.....

Green with envy liao...


ho ho ho...

3POINT8 said...

[hor ny ang moh]
Yea, blogging did brighten my life a bit! Thanks

Oh...nolar, I wasn't hospitalised. And I didn't get intoxicated. Hehe, I was just fooling around.

[Princess Eileen]
Yea, I'm ok! In fact, I feel much better than that, thanks to you!! That was very sweet of you!! Oh oh, I think I'm getting diabetes already... Oh, I'm in your waiting list?? Settle lar, The next time I go back to msia, I'll surely inform you.

[Nux V]
Oh, nolar..I wasn't hospitalize. But now that u mentioned Pretty Nurses, I'm going to get diabetes and masuk was tonight!

WoW! Someone is envious of me! *Psssttt, Let me tell you how I do it. (Don't tell this to Princess Eileen)*

x said...

ku suruh you party till purple not masuk wad...wukakakaka...

Anyway, the red and black thing is for a short period ....I have my reason of changing it :)

And you are right ...you shouldn't listen to me ...wukakakakakaka

宝茹 said...

I love blogging! I think it's really fun to share views over the Internet. And you get to have some sort of conversation also.

Yay to blogging!

keeyit said...

I make new friends in blogsphere. Quite a lot of them are mentors.

3POINT8 said...

party till purple, masuk wad....whats the difference? Sigh...you should have warned me before this!

Yea yea....I agree. you get to have some sort of conversation!
Yay to blogging!

Mentors? WoW. U are one lucky person!!