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19 November 2007

Tag - 5 10 15

I have mixed feelings about doing tags now. I used to like tags a lot and I think my mindset is starting to change now...

List out Top 5 Presents you wish for
1. Some small hand made stuff which can last indefinitely. (like a self-made postcard)
2. A PDA so that I can msn wherever I want (mr.x has one of those and he blog in the toilet!)
3. A super chun super geng professional looking SLR. (So that I can post as many photos as HotPinkChili)
4. A VIC. (So that I can decorate the car as how Prin.Eileen decorates it)
5. Postcard! (I love postcards! I think they are the best present anyone can give. Its reachable to every part of the world, small, easy to file, and has the opportunity to travel thousand of miles. Just like a chili padi, small yet meaningful!)

[Out of the 5 presents listed, a postcard is still the best gift to me!]

The person who tagged you is
Fengy (if not mistaken, he is a medic student.)

Your 5 impressions of him/her
  • Brainy, smart and deals with death god (Medic Student)
  • Look like a prefect in sec school (The white shirt, the tie and the way he stands)
  • Like to pose in one corner of the room
  • The only thing he likes to cross are his hands
  • And he lies. (I found out his name is not joe!)
Most memorable things he/she has done for you
He tagged me!

The most memorable words he/she has said to you
"My first time seeing ppl die" (actually it was written in his blog and I so happen to be his reader)

If he/she becomes your lover, you will
I'll change my passport, my ID, delete my blog, delete my friendster, my facebook and wipe my name off from the net and this world! (no wait, I can just intro Fengy to mr.X.... mr.X is into tranny)

If he/she becomes your lover, what they have to improve on will be
How to leave me alone

If he/she become your enemy, you will
Never go the hospital he is attached to. (You'll never know what medic students are capable of. They may take out your liver, your stomach, and your heart, and still keep you alive)

If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be
I didn't reply his tag (I replied your tag here! pls pls....don't take out my liver, my stomach and my heart. Especially my heart...I need it to spread some love around)

Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you
1. Lissya
2. Evie
3. Evangeline
4. FoonLing
5. JadeZheng
6. Melissa
7. Nux V
8. Pinksterz
9. Princess.Eileen
10. YuinYin

1. Who is No.7 having a relationship with?
[Nux] I'm guessing that Nux is single. Well, she is a daughter to her mother and father.

2. Who is No. 9 having a relationship with?
[Prin.Eileen] Single too, I think even though there are signs of a potential partner waiting for her.

3. If No. 9 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
[Prin.Eileen & YuinYin] Yup.

4. What about No. 1 and 5?
[Lissya & JadeZheng] Its a good thing too....I suppose

5. What is No. 3 studying?
[Evangeline] Linguistic! Very interesting course! (I want ppl to teach me jap, korean, french, italian, and etc....)

6. When is the last time you chatted with No. 6?
[Melissa] 3months ago i guess....or maybe even longer

7. Does No.4 work?
[FoonLing] Yes. She is a pianist! A very talented musician who is very good in taking care of small lil 4~5 yr old devils!

8. Does No. 8 have any cousin in his/her own school?
[Pinksterz] I have no idea!

9. Will you woo No. 8?
[Pinksterz] Nupe, looks like she is taken. But i'll gladly woo no.9

10. How about No. 5?
[JadeZheng] very tempting!!! on second thought, nah...

11. Does No. 2 have any siblings?
[Evie] I have no idea

12. How did you get to know No. 3 and No. 4?
[Evangeline] Hope Sydney Church Caregroup.
[FoonLing] Secondary School classmates

13. Where does No.1 live at?
[Lissya] Central Java, Indonesia. From the way she mentioned about her hometown, central java sounds like there are lots of interesting things over there.

14. How you get to know No.2?
[evie] Through blogging. Surprisingly, she is quite mou liu...

15. Is No. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
[JadeZheng] Definitely Yes!!!


keeyit said...

He will definately feel great if you mention that he is handsome..


3POINT8 said...

Thats true that is very true! Problem is, I don't know whether Fengy is a handsome man or not. Lying to all my friends is not a very good thing, is it??

pinksterz said...

fengy is not hensem. he is hamsup! kakakaka sorry fengkor! :D

me got no cuzzin in my skewl

and me is not taken yet! wtf. and me is not looking for one to take me. blek.

Calvin's Wife said...

OoooOOoo I saw that wukakakak I SAW THAT....

Calvin's Wife said...

Also I belum kasi hentam sama awak.. apa mou liu, *slap slap* wukakakakaka

Nux V said...

LOL! 3.8 kena hentam! wuakakaka...
btw, pinksterz sudah kahwin ;P
i strongly suggest tht u take no.9...wuakakkaaka

pinksterz said...

nux: aku belum kahwin. :S

x said...

i second nux...pink dah kahwin ...wukakakakkaka

ooooo..this post i likey veli the muchie....

especially item no 9 ...wukakakakakkaa

macho macho man

pinksterz said...

x: niaseng la u...

3POINT8 said...

hehe...I always thought that you are taken by woa woa's master!

[calvin's wife]
what what?? saw what?? tell me tell me!!
You memang mou liu what...nak hentam saya?? Luckily i'm not going for 23rd nov. Later kena whack until parents cannot recognize me.

[nux v]
Strongly suggest that I take no.9? WoW! I need to get consent from no.9 1st.

Eh? You kahwin already?? No wedding ceremonies no wedding dinner 1?? I want my 10 course meal!!!

u likey veli the muchie? Thankie! I also likey this taggie velie muchie!

Princess Eileen said...

Aiks... sorry I MIA, then I read this post... wah you gladly wanna woo no.9??? *blushing* hahaha... wow, tags... this one really hard leh... can pass ar, kokfye *looking with innocent eyes & pouting*

3POINT8 said...

[Princess Eileen]
can can! No problem. I wasn't expecting anyone to reply this tag anyway.. I think pinkterz is the only one who is hyped up on doing this tag