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20 November 2007


I'm having problem sleeping lately. Something seems to be bothering me lately though I clearly do not know what is it.

This quote keeps popping up in my head:
"Always do what you are afraid to do."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The one thing that most people are likely to regret are the things they didn't try and do. And this left me wondering: "Risks.....Are they worth it?"


Princess Eileen said...

Totally!!! If your life is so predictable, what's the point? Would you like thinking back and realise your life is so boring & routine?

And risk is where we find love, happiness and excitement! I love risk!!! But within our own limitations and acceptable levels of coz.

-Princess Shin- said...

That's a very good quote! I should try that someday! I'm always so afraid to try new things. But because we are young, we should explore as many things as possible. Of coz it has to be morally correct though. =P

Thanks for dropping bY!

mr jp said...

I'm afraid of tall buildings, does that mean I should jump off one ?

ok , just kidding.

but seriously, sometimes you have to calculate risk/benefit analysis...

buta chan said...

hehes kif...
i'd reply your tag.. but... that means i'll have to do it in Japanese! n today,, my Jap exam is over I'm now FREEE of studying! hehes...

maybe I will try replying the tag in Jap...

Calvin's Wife said...

Take the risk, u have 50 - 50 chance, so you'll never know till you try... rite? *give the evil look muahaahahahah*

Nux V said...

risk...well, it depends on wut sort of risk tht u r planning to take.
Why do u sound like u r playing 'deal or no deal'?

742 said...

Speaking of 50-50 chance (as Calvin's Wife said), risk is something like this - either yes or no.

Good night, sleep tight. =)

宝茹 said...

YES!!! Risks are very worth it! You don't want to look back in your life and be saying I wish I could have done this.

Never mind if you make a mistake, at least you know you tried. :)

x said...

yes...a macho man will take the risk...gua caya sama lu...

hey hey hey hey

macho macho man
i gotta be a macho man

PS: macho man must sleep, cannot lose sleep over something one ...:P

3POINT8 said...

[Princess Eileen]
Risk is where we find LoVe, happiness and excitement. I was hoping you would said that. Hope came true!

[Princess Shin]
true true. Every risk taken has to be morally correct. Thanks for dropping a comment!

[mr jp]
Yes! you should jump down from Msia Petronas Twin Tower! (with a parachute of course)

[buta chan]
Oh?? You'll be doing the tag in jap? Thats interesting. Hehe, i get to read new jap articles. Actually, I can't read jap. So, I guess its only correct if I say I get to look at pretty jap words!

[calvin's wife]
*Take the risk!* How come u sounded as if u know what am I up to? Yes, your advice will be taken into serius consideration!

[Nux V]
Nupe. NOt playing 'deal or no deal'. Its more than that! hehe

either a yes or no...u have a very strong point there! Wait, thats calvin's wife's point! Still a strong point there anyway.

Risk are worth it? Another encouragement! Thats what i'm looking for! hehe

lu caya sama gua? Is this mr.x? you don't sound lik yourself lately. But it good that u mentioned that! It sure did encouraged me!