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12 November 2007


My final exam is on Wednesday 14th of November. This will be my last uni exam that I have to go through. After that day, no more exam days!
UNSW 1st class Honours Mechatronic engineering degree, here I come!

I sure hope that I don't do something like:
Worse come to worst, I won't draw a hangman even if I don't know how to answer the paper! It'll only make me look bad! I'll probably draw a cute cute doraemon picture. I better spend some time practicing how to draw big puppy eyes. [Which reminds me, I should bring some colour pencils to the exam hall]


742 said...

Dont think cartoons work... Maybe some "dollar incentives"? Haha~

Gud luck (again).

Jade Z. said...

hahaha! good luck in your exam!!! ;)

Nux V said...

future 1st class Honour grad...exam will b jst too easy for u ;P
u dun hav to tink of anyting else to draw, since u already knw the answers!

宝茹 said...

Wooo~~ First class honours!!!


x said...

wukakkakka..good luck then ...after that sambung party again ...

it's liz! said...

U are free now!!!!!!!! ENJOY IT!

3POINT8 said...

Why spend more if I can get away with cute comical images?

[Jade z.]

[nux v]
Ahah....yes. It was an easy paper!

That is if everything goes well! Hopefully it does! *prays hard*

Eh, no more advice from you dy 1?? So er.....is it a good idea that i party till i turn green???

[it's liz]
Liz!!! Its been long since I last heard from you! How are you doing??
Me? yea, I'm kinda free now!!! Happppiiiii!!!!

mr jp said...

ya, good luck for your exams. mine just finished .. hehehaa

Johnny Ong said...

so how did yr exam go y'day? still within 1st class honours?????

3POINT8 said...

Jason!!!! Time to party till u turn purple!!

[johnny ong]
That exam was easy!! 1st class honours, no problem!! [Unless if i'm too confident with myself]

Yvonne said...

All the best in your exam! Boy, another engineer coming our way.

Yvonne said...

Oops! The exam is over. S1orry I didn't see the calendar first before typing., haha

3POINT8 said...

Yup!! Another engineer coming out to revolutionize the world!!! WooHoo!!