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30 October 2007

Tag - 5 sets of 4 questions

I got tagged by Princess Eileen. Check out her blog in Princess Eileen's Chamber of Memory. Very nice pink ad-free blog with huge big Patricks to greet you!

4 Jobs I have had in my life:
• Sales Assistant in Guardian Pharmacy selling viagra
• Trainee in Primary Horizon. (Working with uneducated kuli is really an eye-opener!)
• Selling popcorns in GSC. (I went there for the free movies! hehe)
• Waiter in Shakey's Pizza (I quit on the 3rd day. =D)

4 Places I have lived:
• Outward Bound School, Lumut (Ahaha, stayed there for half a month as a course assistant)
• Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak (you know what, its a propoganda! There are no roses in that place. I wonder when they are going to change the street name to Jalan Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin)
• SS15, Subang (A teenager's utopia. Cybercafe, Mamak, Comics, Leng luis....everything is there)
• Bukit Jelotung, Shah Alam (where all the high class datuk datuk, datin datin and royals reside)

4 Countries I have been to on vacation:
• Singapore (The last time I've been there is 1990. I wonder if the place has grown any bigger)
• Australia (Been to melbourne, canberra and sydney)
• Malaysia (My favourite country of all time.)
• Indonesia (actually, I flew over indonesia when I was on my way to Aus. a few hours floating above indonesia ground is counted kua...)

4 of my Favorite food:
• Macadamia Nuts
• Cashew Nuts
• Roasted Peanuts
• Almind Nut
(I'm nuts!)

4 Places I would rather be right now:
• Malaysia (They say that: "your homeland is destined from birth and you should end up there when you die)
• Antartica (they say that the aurora is a sight to die for)
• Sahara Desert (They say that you know you are about to die when you encounter a mirage)
• A girls arm (I'm dying to be hugged!)

Do I get a present for completing this tag??


Nux V said...

4 places u would rather be...one of them is -
a girls arm??? u better mentioned which girl first...else, princess will question u again...wuakakakaka

Princess Eileen said...

Do I get a present for completing this tag?? <---- Hmmm... asking who ar?

*Looking at nux v comment* *eyes rolling* *mouth pouting*

I am not a nuts fan... I want my chocolates nut-free

Oh I stay so near TBR, setapak! I work in Bukit Jelotung before. I went to Outward Bound School too!!! But in Sabah one. What a blessed time & experience that was! Aiks.. so much places we share the same leg hair dropped there. Wukaka...

You love fast food jobs huh...


X said...

I think i can help you with the girl's hug, but you have to lower your standard of girl to Tranny ..:P

Tranny hugs for hire....$10.00 egypt dollar per hug ..you want ?

Jade Z. said...

gawd... your favourite food are all NUTS! you should try the honey roasted macadamia nuts from the wholesome store opposite my house! there're 30+ dollars per KG, but they are huge and tasty!!! :DDD

宝茹 said...

Cashew nuts = yummy! :D

"(I quit on the 3rd day. =D)" You are very proud of this ah...:P

3POINT8 said...

[Nux V]
Hehe....er...Princess Eileen's arm??

[Princess Eileen]
Awww.....Hugz!!! Thanks!!!I feel so loved now!! Oh? You went to OBS too?? WoW!!! Yea, those were the few best weeks of my life! And yea, those fast food jobs were the only job I can find after my SPM.

Tranny?? Are you referring to pinkterzisme??? if you are, I have to think twice..hehe

[Jade Z]
Yea!! I love nuts! I like munching on hard stuff.... Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts?? WoW! Settle lar...I ask you about more about it the next time I go tasmania!

Yea, I'm kinda proud of that particular job coz its my first job! And being a spoilt brat, I couldn't stand working as a waiter at that time. =D
Oh? You love cashew nuts too??

Johnny Ong said...

if flying across another's country airspace is counted also, then the number of countries that i hav visited wld hav shot up very high

宝茹 said...

Yup, yup! :D

In fact, we have this big bag of cashew nuts at home--still munching on them. :P