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14 November 2007

Bloggers on msn

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
4 days ago, mr & ms.sepam added me in their msn friend list! And they messaged me!
mr.sepam = mr.x
ms.spams = pinskterz
[do check out their pinky blog!]

I had a sense of belonging while chatting with them! Its like I'm accepted in their circle of friends. Its like being connected in a way. I don't know how to express this feeling, but its like chatting with a long lost good buddy.

For those who are curious, we talked nonsense stuff all the way. Frankly speaking, its kinda fun chatting with the 2 jokers. I was laughing all the way cause these 2 jokers bomb each other throughout the whole conversation

Wow, blogging does allow one to make new friends!
So bloggers, remember to update your blog!
Non-bloggers, if you want to know more ppl, blogging may be your style!

[Speaking of blogging friends, there is a blogger gathering happening on the 23rd of nov in m'sia, organised by Princess Eileen and Calvin's Wife. It looks like a very happening event. I so wanted to attend the event, but too bad I'll be stuck in syd, aus at that time. Anyway if u have the time, check out their blog]


pinksterz said...


eh i added u waaaaaaaay long than 4 days ok?! hahaha means i am friendlier than x! xD


ps: can you photoshop brad pitt face and hair to david arumugam pretty please? hahaha becuz that wud suit x very nicely as he wishes he got longer hair! :D

david arumugam the alleycat singer i mean :D

JasonPhoon said...

oh , you in sydney ar .. I'm in brisbane !

anyways, lucky I not in that chat.. otherwise even more rubbish .. haaha.

or add in eileen or evie.

headache @_@

cbenc12 said...

joker friends are good! always lightening up the atmosphere and urself!

Princess Eileen said...

hahahaha... yeah, you havent check out Mr. JP also... Nah, I am so nice compared to Mr & Mrs Sepam... but oh well, I dun online much at night, esp nowadays.. My house is like a hotel now, only to go home and sleep. I miss chatting with you on MSN too, kokfye. Next time lar :D Wukakakaka

Calvin's Wife said...

walaoo.. what mean you ah MrJP.... wanna kena slap is it wukakakaka... once you've meet MrX here, you no need afraid of us liao.. he is the most grosness dude I have ever come across with... >.<

pinksterz said...

calvin's wife:

buta chan said...

hmm. in that cae maybe blogging in japanese ain't such a good idea. hehes. what does sepam mean??
i like that show- mr. and mrs. smith...


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes! Through blogging can made a lot of friend wan! I am also amaze that a 'hor ny' orang utan can also made a lot of new friends!
Have a nice day!

Yvonne said...

Indeed, blogging builds character. It's either this way or that. We break barriers online. Praise God for the internet. Now we have cyber law too. haha.

Nux V said...

3point8, are u color blind? mr.x blog isn't pink anymore...wuakakakka....
u must hav been partying too much till u turn color blind ;P

3POINT8 said...

but u started speaking to me on that day mar...So I posted 4 days ago lor. I would gladly photoshop brad pitt, but Sorry ar...that one is too advance for me!

even more rubbish?? Thats interesting! Yup, added eileen and evie dy.

yaya!!! I agree with you! Thats why i love hanging around jokers!

[Princess Eileen]
yaya!!! There is always next time! Looking forward till then!

[calvin's wife]
I agree with you! mr.X is more than gross... no words can describe him!

[buta chan]
blogging in jap?? But if you stop blogging in jap, then i don't have any jap blog to read anymore!!
Btw, sepam = spam

[hor ny ang moh]
Horny orang utan...Ahaha.... yup, 1 new friend over here!

Ya! blogging does build up character! I learned alot through blogging! seriously alot of stuff. Current news, html, graphic design, the way other ppl think and etc

[nux v]
ahha...well...his blog was pink!! omg....i really shouldn't have listened to mr.x advice

x said...

Eh..what happening here ? Did i miss the party ka? I was in hospital partying la ..wukakakakaka....

Kif, you mau new frens i intro you...you into Tranny :P?

3POINT8 said...

Nupe...im not into tranny...
Wait, are u gonna intro me to pinksterz if i say 'yes'? That is so predictable!

curryegg said...

You know that, if you chat with me in the msn, I believe you'll be treated as a friend too! Cool? Haha... I am glad to meet you in the blogosphere. Treasure the friendship with everyone ya?


3POINT8 said...

I'm starting to appreciate the friendship with everyone! I'm so happy to be accepted in the blogosphere. Thanks curryegg!!
^_^ V