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23 November 2007

Motivation Door

Motivation is the X factor that keeps someone going no matter how hopeless a situation may be. Its the reason why dreams are possible.

" Greatness is going to the edge, looking over into the impossible, and then building a bridge to go further."
----Stuart S
I have a motivation door that keeps me going everyday here in sydney. Whenever I feel down, all I need to do is stand in front of my room door and ponder upon the endless possibilities that could happen if all goes well. Sometimes I would imagine the praises, the encores, the acknowledgments that I am going receive.

There is also a plus point behind this motivation door of mine. I believe in the power of subconscious mind and the power of advertising. Repetition is a very powerful advertising tool and this method is freaking powerful!

Since my room door is the place that I will pass by everyday, why not turn it into source of motivation. [Hehe, I had to resort to inanimate objects to motivate me since very few people is able to motivate me at the right time as I love to hide my worries with me]

So, what I did was put some simple motivational pictures on my door. By walking pass it repeatedly, I believe that the motivational message is definitely gonna be stuck in my head. [Like that macho-man song mr.x uses in his blog. The song will be stuck in your head even listening to the whole track once. It uses the power repeatability]

There you go: A snapshot of my door:
  • 3 Kif's to remind me of myself
  • Love, Hugz, and Smiles from the 'Teddy bear' and the 'smiley face'
  • 'Tiger' symbolize greatness
  • A 'graduation person' to remind me of my goal to achieve 1st class honours.
  • The black images are calender wallpaper from Johnnie Walker
  • The doorknob is there just to prove that its a door!
So, what motivates you?


littlepolaris said...

why is ur door so complicated wan?
When the light is out, u won't sesat kenot find the door hor? ehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Very good form of motivation! My form of motivation is much simple! Look forward, u r today base on what u did yesterday! What u will be tomorrow depend on what u do today!
If all things fail or I am in shi*t I just say ' it is ok lah! u can still poke' Some billionair can't even poke!
Have a nice day!

Cometh said...

My motivation for now is my stolen laptop....Hahahaha... lol

I know...I know..

Let it go...let it go....

Calvin's Wife said...

WUkakakakaka.. hmmm, my motivation? My hubby... :P

x said...

my motivation is being not motivated :P

Nux V said...

i believe in power of dreams (Honda slogan)....wuakakkakaka!

mr jp said...

I agree, repetition is how advertising works. Just like political propaganda ... hehe

宝茹 said...

first class honours~~ first class honours~~ :)