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09 November 2007

Naked Introduction

There seems to be a lot of social gathering happening around this month till Christmas. Gathering are fun and its the perfect opportunity to make new friends. But this may not be case for the shy and the anti-social.

Let me present you a trick you can use while meeting someone new.

When you meet someone new, the most standard question that anoyone can ask is:
"Where are you from?"
and if you answer something standard like:
"I'm from Kuala Lipis"

Subsequently, they'll be thinking in their head: "Gosh....Kuala Lipis. I've never been there. hmmm....What do I know about Kuala Lipis? Is that in Malaysia or Indonesia? Maybe its named after Datuk Lipis.... but I'm not sure so I better keep my mouth shut on that one."

Soon, there will be awkward silence between the two of you. You are waiting for his reply while that poor chap is trying to think of something interesting to say. And by the time the both of you leave the whole conversation, both of you guys will be thinking: "What an boring person!"

That is known as the naked introduction where by an information is presented in a naked form.
Whenever someone ask for "Where are you from?", never ever challenge their powers of imagination with a one-word answer. Learn some interesting facts about your hometown that conversational partner can comment on.

Everyone knows that a fisherman uses a different bait for different types of fishes. In your conversation, you should add in extra detail relating to who you are speaking to.

If you are speaking to someone who plays music, you may say: "I'm from Kuala Lipis, the land where Siti Nurhaliza is from. I've even been to her house." This opens the conversational possibilities to Malaysian Idol, Guitar and Stuff, recent tabloid news, Jay Chow, Micheal Jackson's Nose, and etc.
If you attending a fashion event, you may say: "I'm from Kuala Lipis. The reason I left is because the fashion there is so out-dated!" Now the conversation can turn to the joy of shopping, the best place for best bargains, diamonds and jewels, Megamall, and etc.
Or, if you are attending a blogging event, you may say: "I'm from Kuala Lipis. Other than massive fireworks during new year and lion dance during CNY, there isn't much anything happening there. The only reason I came to this event is to meet Princess Eileen." Now now, can anyone tell me what are the possible conversational topic?

Idea stolen from How to Talk to Anyone - 92 little tricks for big success in relationship by Neil Lowndes


Cometh said...
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Cometh said...

LOL...the first comment is posted at the wrong place.... resulted from too many comments windows.. =p

Hmmm, am never the social animal... =p

Normally it would be like people talks a lot to me first.

So, talkative ppl would be able to be friends easily with me..hahahaha

Cuz if not, all would get bored with my lack of reply... =p

Nux V said...

hey, i guess i read tis tips before...but i never apply them! i m such a loser ;-(

Jason Phoon said...

Funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday. Like when people ask, what do you do ? You can answer:

"I am a American aquarium drinker"

that will surely lead to some more question ... ehheheh.

3POINT8 said...

Wha....Normally it would be like people talks a lot to me first?? Walau....then I shouldn't be standing next to you. If not, all the leng lui kena sapu by you!

[nux v]
haha...don't say until like that. I'm sure you are quite an interesting person! Btw, I just read this, and I'm starting to practice this tip! (Its kinda hard coz i got nothing interesting to talk about my hometown)

[Jason Phoon]
Hey, welcome to my blog!!
American aquarium drinker? yea, people would definitely be like "???"

宝茹 said...

Oh, boring, hahaha--that's me then! :P

3POINT8 said...

Don't say like that! I'm sure everyone has their own interesting experience!

Yvonne said...

wow you're funny! haha... thanks for the tip. I am a terrible person to talk to in real life. Honest!