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01 August 2007

White Grey Black

Good and bad...people tend to categorized events, feelings, stuffs and other things into 2 distinct zones. The white and the black.

The WHITE zone is all the good stuff anyone can associate with.
The BLACK zone is all the bad stuff anyone can associate with.
Sometimes, there are events which are both good and bad depending on individual's view point and sometimes they are neither bad or good....these events are known as the GREY zone!

Let me give u an example. While presenting an example, let me introduce a new blogger friend of mine, kev

Everyone knows that a sincere compliment from the heart is the best thing that can ever happen to their life. So, let me start by complimenting kev's blog.
1) He blogs almost everyday!!! Which means I get to read fresh article by kev everyday!! And everyday i visit his blog, its never the same. New stuff keeps popping up like rabbits!!! Thats something I like from a blogger, new fresh articles. They'll never keep you bored so that you won't try drugs!!!
2) I like his signature!! I think he is quite an artistic guy judging from his signature...I'm an artist and I can see that he is also an artist!!!

Well well, everyone knows that a criticism is demoralizing, especially a criticism intended to make other people feel down. Lets start by making harsh judgement on kev's blog!
1) I do not like how he put his small tiny little annoying YouTube video there. Everytime I visit his blog, there this music always destroying the music I'm listening to on my media player. There was this once when I was listening to a secret message which only can be played once. At the same time, I accidentally clicked on his blog. As the msg i'm listening to starts to get really interesting, kev's youtube blocks out my msg. The secret msg mentioned "The secret to the meaning of life is to **** your neighbour" Because of kev's Youtube, I missed out that crucial part ****. I'm suspecting that the word is either 'Love' or 'Hate'.... Since I can't play it again, I will never know the secret meaning of life, thanks to kev!! [Hey, it can also be neither 'love' nor 'hate'...It can be 'Kill']

the GREY
the GREY zone is when both WHITE and BLACK element exists at the same time. So, by complimenting and criticizing kev's blog....I've entered the grey zone. The grey zone is the mysterious area which anything can happen.
1) Kev might be so intrigued by my compliments that he'll start to stalk my blog raising my blog traffic. Hey, maybe he'll even advertise my cool blog to all his blogger friends...
2) Kev might be offended by my criticism and start to spread what kind of a terrible person I am. He'll probably be polite saying: 'Nah, don worry about it...Criticism helps me grow' when in fact he might be a hypocrite always saying what he doesn't mean...
3) Kev doesn't frequent my blog and misses this post, thus missing the part where he starts to get high knowing that there is someone out there in the world who sincerely complimented him.

This post is inspired by the quote:
'Do something extraordinary in your life or you'll miss all the fun the world can offer'
Since I came out with the quote, I just realized that this post was inspired by the great 3POINT8. Whoa.....this is some twisted logic!!! Will someone explain to me what the heck was I thinking??


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Hey Kok Fye,

wow.. what can I say. Obviously I saw this post! Anyway, thx for the review.. the good, the bad and everything.. and no, my article aren't really that fresh.. my life isn't as exciting as other bloggers out there.. =) My blog is to serve as a history of my life during these period in Oz.. so that I can laugh at it 10 years later when I read it.

And, yup I highly suspect that the utube might be a nuisance to some. My sincere apologies for that. But my apologies again that I don't think I'll take it down till I'm sick and tired of it. Mainly that though ppl can access my blog, it is still very much a reflection of my state of mind, my life during this period. I'm still gog to say 'nah don't worry about it' LOL... cos I respect ur views, and I hope u respect mine as well. =) We have to agree to disagree ya?

PS: that signature is generated from websites.. in fact I have no artistic cells in me at all. I wish I have though =(

btw, how come u got secret message one? U'r an agent from MI5? lol.

3POINT8 said...

nah nah...you don't have to apologize for the youtube... I'm just commenting about it only...
I wanted to write something about compliment and criticism. And I needed something to criticize...

about the secret msg...its from my imagination...in fact, there is no secret msg...I needed something to exaggerate on...haha

Well, I could qualify for MI5...but i figured I should go for the freemason secret society...