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07 August 2007

[Updated] Public Speaking

Hmmm...I'm thinking of joining a public speaking competition organized by the YEAS (Young Engineers Australia, Sydney) happening this Thursday.
Presentation time allocated for each participant is roughly 8mins and the topic should be engineering related... I'm tempted to join, but the problem is I still don't have a topic in mind. Today is a Tuesday night and the event is on Thursday which means that I still have a like 8 more hours to decide on a topic to talk about. I'm hoping a stroke of genius might strike me with a 8min speech for that day.
Hmm....maybe I should talk about Petronas Twin Tower, a Malaysia's Pride!!

[Updated on 8th august 2007]
I've enrolled myself in the competition... Wish me luck folks...
My speech is titled: 'Skyscraper - World's Tallest'
The talk is about the world's tallest skycraper such as the Petronas Twin Tower, Taipei 101, Burj Dubai and the engineering principles behind these buildings.
But In my speech, I'll be focusing more on Petronas Twin Tower and Malaysians.
I'll post up my script once I'm over with the event...
Wish me luck!!!