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02 August 2007

Thrown out of home for wanting to be a DJ

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WHEN M. Naresh @ DJ Nesh first told his mother of his intention to become a deejay, he was thrown out of the family home in Klang. For a week, Nesh spent his time on the streets until a friend helped him.

“My mother, although musically-inclined, was upset over my decision because she associated deejaying with drugs. She wasn’t exactly wrong, though. There were those involved in drugs and there are still some out there,” said Nesh, who is currently spinning at the Laundry Bar.

So it’s not a surprise when he described music as a drug on its own and does not need substance to make music.

The philosophy has disciplined and led him throughout his 15 years in the industry and Nesh has been spinning at the Laundry Bar for about a year now. His other experiences include years at Nouvo and DV8.

Starting off as a broadcast and karaoke deejay, Nesh picked up mixing at the encouragement of his friends.

“Back then, you don’t have deejay academies. You learn from your seniors who are willing to teach you and it was difficult. You have to be disciplined and learn from the mistakes,” he said.

His discipline and zeal to stay away from drugs has earned him much admiration from his family, especially his mother.

“When I first came out in the papers years ago, my family was shocked, but in a happy way,” said Nesh.

His music is all RnB and hip-hop and he will be one of the deejays performing on my show day, which of course isn’t very far off.

DJ JD: You’re bound to make mistakes, it’s only natural but you learn from them.
Along with Nesh will be John Dave @ DJ JD.

When I met JD for the interview at Zeta Bar, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, he admitted that he had made mistakes during his early days at mixing music 15 years ago. Like Nesh, JD also learnt the art from a senior deejay.

“There was a time when people were on the dance floor enjoying the music and I accidentally hit the stop button. I had to quickly cover up by saying something on the microphone,” he said.

“So to answer your question, yes – I have messed up too. You’re bound to make mistakes, it’s only natural but you learn from them,” he said during the interview.

That came as both a relief and motivation. So if I make mistakes, it is all right as I am very fresh in this area of music.

JD also said the most important thing was for me to enjoy myself while mixing.
Hobby: DJ Ra (left) and DJ Layzr will also be spinning at the show.
“Take criticisms at face value because people will have different expectations of you. But that’s okay because we want to give what people want, not what we want – that’s how the industry is,” he said.

The night will also feature two other deejays, both of whom were students of DJ Low from the Bionic DJ Academy.

Jaiganesh @ DJ Ra picked up mixing while still at college and is spinning part time at Sangria. The full time graphic designer plays hip-hop and RnB.

Also, for Chong Kok Keong @ DJ Layzr, spinning is not a profession but more of a hobby.

Just like DJ Ra, 3D-animator’s interest in the art led him to many scratching competitions, including the recent and past DJ Battle Championships that won him prizes and recognition.

During the show, Chong will be showing off his scratching talents with originality.

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The Malaysian Life said...

I think everyone should be given a fair opportunity to pursue the career of their choice. Good for Naresh, his persistence paid off.