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04 August 2007

What if I had 1 million dollars?

Ms.Cookie tagged me in a fun post of a 'What if I had 1 million dollars?'

Rules of the game:
1) Get tagged
2) Write anything about the title. Remember to have fun writing this post!
3) Tag some other bloggers
4) Keep the fun around
[the game of tag seems that way to me...]

Back to the main point, what if I had 1 million dollars?
let's see.....

I'll take out 499,998 dollars convert them into coins, coins from every country [Pennies and 1 cents are the best!] Then I'll make a coin castle in front of orphanage, schools, and institutes which deserves funding from the public. A huge structure, almost as tall as a typical building made out of coins. [Ms.Cookie is correct, I may actually use half a million to build a structure taller than KLCC.] That way, I do not have to donate money to any institute but I get to help those institutes to raise funds by attracting the public's attention. [If u don't know about my personality, let me tell u 1 thing...I do not believe in monetary donations]
And if I'm lucky, I can turn those places into a tourist attraction. By turning it into a popular place, its gonna get heaps of publicity and it'll be the talk of the century. This is 1 way of how awareness of a certain project which requires funding can be spread around.

About the other 499,998 dollars, I'll probably develop a project which encourage people to do random acts of kindness. I do not favour campaigns that fight poverty, cancer, aids, or whatever sickness there is. But I will definitely support a project which focus more on a person's happiness. You can say that I prefer events that are 'positive' more than events that are 'anti-negative'. Both may mean the same thing to a lot to a person, but I see it in a different light. [I learnt that from Mother Teresa. She once said that: "I will never attend the anti-war rally. If there is a peace campaign, invite me "]

If I do all those, I get to travel around the world, meet new more beautiful people, experience happiness in a another's person point of view... Best of all, I don't think I need to spend a penny on it...I'm hoping that someone would invite me there, perform a random act of kindness, paying for all my expenses. And if its more than enough, I'll bring my family and friends to enjoy the rare experience...

I'll just keep the remaining 4 dollars to myself. Whenever I see the 4 dollars, its gonna remind me of the coin structures and the experience of happiness.


Time to tag:
Lissya (I'm guessing Liz is gonna use the money to be a uni student again. Shop for church and shoes)
Yuin Yin (She will probably fund her medical fees, adopt a few child and support yvonne's cause)
Foon Ling (A new piano made out of crystal perhaps??)
Lee Na (Er...i'm guessing she is gonna spend it all on phone bills)
Or does anyone else wants me to tag them?? Come on' be sociable... Let me predict what you are planning to do with a million dollars

[I wonder if any of them are gonna continue the good sport of tag??]


liz q said...

ur story is like those only seen in TVs hahahahhaha.. nice thoughts..

3POINT8 said...

thank you!!!
The best compliment I've gotten whole day!!!
Thank you thank you!!

kahfai said...

Never though of that.. I believe that is the sweetest thing that you can do with 1 million. Monetary Donation is not that effective anymore. Nice story.

3POINT8 said...

yes...i also think that monetary donation is not that effective anymore..
Anyway, this post is to encourage bloggers to think out of the circle... Wait, was it out of the box??
anyway, I was hoping that this post encourage creativity