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15 August 2007

Tag / 218trillion bill debt

I've been tagged by a new blogger friend, Nux V.
I'm not really sure what is the purpose behind this particular tag, but apparently all I have to do is to tag another 5 blogger. These 5 lucky bloggers will then have to 'tag' another 5 bloggers. Or so it seems.

My 5 blog friends [and also the reason why they are the chosen one]:
1) Lissya [for inviting me to all sorts of event =D]
2) Evangeline [for leaving my 1st jap comment in this blog]
3) Yoei [Apparently he wants ppl to support his blog]
4) Cheserland [for being my 'latest' mybloglog visitor]
5) Vitamin M [I wonder if he is going to reply this tag]

On another note, I found this interesting article Malaysian man hit with $218 trillion bill, ordered to pay up or face prosecution.
USD 218 trillion = rm806,400,000,000,000.01
Makes you wonder what did he do to deserve this from Telekom, doesn't it?
[I just realized how scary numbers can be sometimes. Dang, technology and modernization is making numbers scarier than ever.]


liz q said...

hHAhhaHaa.. what is thissss ...... tagged tagged tagged...!!!

3POINT8 said...

I had a writter's block that day. I didn't know what to write. So, tag was the only post I can come up with. Plus, I had this feeling that I should reply back to nuxv's tag.

Ahaha, I guess this post is there to see who is actually visiting and replying to this blog.
Well, now I know i got at least 1 loyal blog reader, liz!

Thanks for commenting!

Nux V said...

hey...i'm here to check if u hav completed my tag...wuakaka..

Johnny Ong said...

tat will make Telekom the no.1 company in the world with just 1 bill...hehe

3POINT8 said...

[Johny Ong] Ya....Telekom is gonna rule the whole world soon. Forget about Bush. We should start paying tribute to Telekom.

[Nux V] Haha.thanks for the tag. There..Done and Completed