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23 August 2007


Keith, one of my uni friend just sent me this link about 3POINT6. Man, talk about near-coincidence. My blog is named 3POINT8 and there is an actual company known as 3POINT6.
I have no idea what they do, other than being related to Mid Valley, One Utama and City Square JB. Seems like they are into 'creative industry'. I can't help it but imagined it to be a clothing business or some sort. Apparently 3POINT6 is under Group36, a fashion industry of some sort.

3POINT8 talks about 3POINT6.
I feel weird about this post.
Its like saying Keith is Kif's best friend.
Its also like saying: "Desse decide to desert his dessert in the desert."

Ahaha, I sure hope that 3POINT6 return the favour by posting a huge 3POINT8 symbol in their ad.

Some Interesting Note: If you google the word '3POINT8', my blog comes out first! [I thank google for supporting this site!]


buta chan said...

HaHa WOW! At first sight I thot u just got your name from them. Then I read on and realised it was sucha coincidence!! whoooo~

That's cool yr blog is 'number 1'!! HaHa u n your blog! Ihope mine doesn't turn up in the search engines!! Well I guess even if it does, few pple wld be able to gain 'insights' as to who I am!! AHAHA! The comfort of blogging in NON-English.

3POINT8 said...

Oh...you mean 3POINT6 has been around for quite some time?
Haha, I only heard of them a few days ago. I guess I'm really lost in the world of fashion..

Oh?? doesn't turn up in the search engine??
Oh..ok ok. I get it. Privacy is important.

Exactly, the comfort of blogging in jap! Hey, maybe I should learn japanese from you!! Are you willing to teach me??

kannasai4896 said...

the design is cool man! i like it.

if i was your vampire said...

hey... er, 3point6 sells mickey mouse and playboy clothes =/

if i was your vampire said...

btw, jay dee here. the "if I was your vampire" thing is a long story.

3POINT8 said...

[kannasai4896] Ya, maybe I should pay them a visit the next time I'm back in malaysia. Seems like they have a really good review on their products.

[jay dee] Mickey mouse and playboy designs eh?? Aren't they the trend there in malaysia now?

Anonymous said...

you suck ~!!! 3point6.com is much cooler than your stupid site ... get a life ... and your logo sucks too ...

3POINT8 said...

Oh yea! I suck the living force out of people who visit this blog. I make people waste their time on stuff they never knew possible. Sometimes, the vortex is so great that it makes people think. It makes readers wanna waste more of their time leaving a comment here in 3POINT8. Thus, I can be said that I suck time! Also it can be said that I'm a superhuman living in an ordinary world. While ordinary humans have 24hours per day to spend, I have more than that. I suck time and as a result I have more time than mere mortals. I use all my time to enjoy life and excess hours to blog.

Btw, I Agree with you! 3point6.com is so much cooler......for now.