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25 August 2007

Mueh Mueh

Kaizen [改善] is a Japanese word which means continuous improvement.

Those who know me knows that I cut sticker as a hobby. I name this Hobby of mine Sticker KaiZen. I cut the sticker one piece at a time (a continuous effort) until it forms an image that is recognizable, which represents the idea behind the word 'Kaizen'. (Also, I chose the name Kaizen because it sounds pretty much like 'Khye Shin', a memorable name introduced to me back in 2003)

Recently, I was introduced to Adobe ImageReady, an image editing software which is able to make out animated *.gif file. This software is pretty cool!!! With it, I can show the world roughly on how stickers can be made.

Below is an animated image with the use Adobe ImageReady:
Titled: Mueh Mueh
This sticker was done specially for Lissya, the cow lover.


buta chan said...

haha u know jap!
still need me to teach?
i didn't know lissya likes cows.
but now i know.

Anonymous said...

Moo moo is vely cute ... i hope your fren likes it ...... cheers

3POINT8 said...

[buta chan] Ha! I wish I knew jap! I mean, getting to speak another language is cool!!!

[anonymous] Thank you for the compliment!!! Do drop by more often. Say, do I know you by any chance?

liz q said...

I love it so so so so so much that i would smile looking at it =D

3POINT8 said...

[Liz q] Glad to hear that. I guess it has served its purpose, and will continue to do so... Thanks Liz!