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31 August 2007

Merdeka no.50

For most Malaysians, today is THE big day, 31st of August is the day where Malaysians celebrate the independance of the country ever since 1957.

Merdeka Day is what we call it as the independant day.
Happy Merdeka Day!!!
I'm proud to be a Malaysian!

Speaking of Malaysia, I miss Malaysia! Nasi Lemak, SS15, Asia Cafe, Mamaks, and Malaysians, I miss em all. I miss those Merdeka Gathering that we always have every year back when I'm still in M'sia. And I miss my family a lot...
Sigh, studying oversea can be very lonely sometimes. I really want to go back to M'sia.

On another note: I've sent my laptop for service yesterday. There is a possibility that I won't get to use my laptop for another 2 weeks. Nevertherless, I'll still continue my blogging whenever I have the chance to get into the internet!
Have a happy day, folks!