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09 August 2007

Public Speaking

It was reported that the no.1 fear in U.S. is the fear of public speaking.
The Public Speaking competition by YEAS (Young Engineers Australia Sydney) was held this afternoon. It was hours ago when I was told that the event was an outdoor event. Having known that, my heart almost stop as I wasn't expecting it to be an outdoor event.
Yes, when I reached the venue this morning, I was freaked out when I saw two huge speakers lying on the floor with 1 big ass microphone. Suddenly it came to me that I had to deliver a 8min speech in front of the busiest walk of UNSW. Its as frightening as presenting a speech in the front entrance of a shopping mall complex.

Man, I wasn't prepared for that! I didn't see that coming! That whole morning, I almost wanted to pull out from the competition. Then again, this 2 quotes came to my mind: "Any experience is a good experience" & "Always do the thing that you are afraid of". I had that 2 quotes replaying over and over again in my head.

Yes, It was my first time giving a speech in front of a walking crowd and speaking with a mic. I was the 4th speaker of the day. [Man, I love the number 4 so much!]
In fact, I was lucky to be the 4th speaker. Before the competition start, the MC passed the mic around and each of the participants had to introduce themselves. When it was my turn to intro, I was so nervous that I stuttered all the way. I couldn't even pronounce the title of my speech properly.

Anyway, the competition started. Looking at the 1st contestant, I thought to myself, I can do better than him! So, I started to relax abit. [Hehe, plus I saw Lissya's beautiful smile and it actually calmed me down, made me smiled too.]

When it was my turn to speak, I took up the challenge! I mean, there is no way I'm gonna screw this opportunity after having confronted my fear! During my speech, I literally blew the crowd. At least that is what I would like to think. People walking pass the event actually paused and stayed for a while to listen to my speech.

This is quite an experience. Presenting with a mic, in front of so many people. During my speech, Jayson was there recording my presentation. For a brief moment, I felt like I'm in a reality TV show.

After the presentation, people actually clapped for me! I felt so good! Even the MC commented that I delivered quite a bit of funny jokes in my speech! [And all this while I was worried that aussies would have trouble with asian jokes] =D

The main prize for me was the experience. Lucky for me, there is a bonus prize for me! I managed to secure 2nd placing in the competition. Even though there are only 5 participants, but I consider them as a winner the moment that they decided to join this competition. Eh, its not easy to muster out the courage to join a Public Speaking Competition especially one that is an outdoor event.

I couldn't believe that I went through it! And to imagine that I got 2nd placing! Whoa...that experience is surreal! I am so glad to be alive!

I would like to thank Lissya&Co and Jayson for coming to my speech!!!!

Coming up next Post: My award winning Script which landed me 2nd place


liz Q said...

hehe.... u know.. u are really good at public speaking. i like ur confidence and u were very calm when u delivered ur speech! even my friends liked it! haHahHHAhaa.. coolz z z z z zzz.. i was kinda proud of u.. hehe, "u know my friend kif just got 2nd place of speech competition" hehehe how cool :p.

liz q said...

oya, i took pics of u too.. send u next time =D

3POINT8 said...

OOoo....Confidence and Calm.
Thats the 1st time anyone gave me such a feedback!!

Usually ppl tell me that I'm talking like a machine gun, my voice is poewrful, a lot of body action.
But Confidence and Calm...thats the 1st time anyone told me that!!

Proud eh??
Want an autograph??
hehe :)

[Hey, thanks for 'advertising' for me too...Haha]

The Malaysian Life said...

It is true that a lot of people fear public speaking.
For exroverts, public sepaking may come easy.
I wish I could hear you speak in public.