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05 April 2008

[Blog] Jouney of The Homeless

Related Stuff: This was suppose to be a non-sarcastic blog post.

By the way, there is no need to seek my permission to link me or to tell people about tis blog. I will remain annoynomous, but please feel free to link me. If my stories can teach just one person something, then it's worth all the blogging effort.
---- 5/4/2008, Homeless Guy

Hey guys!
There is this blog I want to share with you all. A Malaysian Blog:

This guy sounds like he is having a difficult time right now.
1) Failed in a investment, lost LOTS of money...
2) Broke-up with his gf, got kicked out of his home...
3) Currently, seeking for a place to settle down and having a tough time adjusting to wherever he is now....

That is the story described in his blog. This guy sounds like a smart chap to me. His recent unfortunate events sounds devastating and discouraging. It would be a waste if caliber people like these fall into a pit and never bounce back. Now, he is trying his best to remedy the situation by doing whatever he can.

The way he wrote his story seems sincere and sounds true to me. If thats the case, I hope those who read this post can at least visit this blog. It would be even better if you guys can offer any support or help to Homeless Guy.
If you have the time do read his 1st blog post here.[dated 1st April. This Doesn't sound like an April Fool's joke to me]
Do check out his blog @ http://thejourneyofthehomeless.blogspot.com
[I'm not sure if he is comfortable with the sudden rush of people willing to offer their help, but considering his current situation, I guess an offer of assistance is better than nothing]

Btw, Homeless Guy, I didn't get your name....

Updated: Someone pointed out some discrepancy behind the things written in that blog. As a result, this could be a joke. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation.

A special mention to these few Bloggers:
Adrian [The first person to offer help to Homeless Guy and encouraged him to start a blog]


haan said...

so happened that we did the same, on the same day! haha..

joshuaongys said...

wah... if its real den really v cham.. went there ady

haan said...

3.8, hope to see the list growing... leave this task to u, ok?? ^_^

Anonymous said...

wow.. he has a car^^

Ten Things said...

I came here through EntreCard to approve your ad request and I was surprised to see this on your front page. The very first entry I made on my new "Ten Things I Know" blog is about some of the things I learned living on the streets. I am surprised but glad to see that this subject is being covered on so many blogs, although the one you linked to is more of a narrative while mine is in the form of a simple list.

- c H i E n - said...

I personally don't believe that this homeless guy is really in troubles. In fact, he shouldn't be even blogging if he was really on a hot fire. People who got themselve into deep troubles won't have time for all these.

And he has got all his limbs? Instead of helping him, why not help the others who are really in need of help much more than him? Like those orphans? Those amputated children due to sheer cruelty?

I am sorry, but I don't think he deserves.

keeyit said...

sure got something happen to homeless..

waterlily said...

his story is so identical to the famous homeless girl in UK. i read about her in reader's digest.


Anston said...

Eh... i dun think i can accept all of his stories lor, recently there is a few similiar cases nowadays!

Just like a flow? Haha...

3POINT8 said...

[haan]Cool~~~ Just helping out aren't we?

Since I don't know whats the truth, there is no harm in believing in it, is there?

Yup! he has a car! If I can drive one reader to his site, I'm already achieving what my intended goal.

Oh. Then I should really be digging up all your previous post. I like to read stories from the streets so that I don't end up doing the same mistake. Btw, thanks for approving my ad!

True, there are people out there who deserves help more than this guy. Then again, if he needs help, I think I shouldn't deprive him of that need, should I? After all, its just one post linking back to his page. Its not like a very big favour or something like that.

Ya, sure got something happen to him. hopefully its not anything bad.

Oh really? Then I should really pay that site a visit. I dig these kind of stories so that I might learn something out of it.

Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I do think that he has a very good writing skill. And because of this one point, its a blog worth to be advertised.