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24 April 2008

Tilt your head 38deg

I found something interesting in quachee's blog! To be perceived as a rich person, Tilt your head up 38.7degrees up! If 38.7degree is too hard for you, I suggest you start with 3.8degrees, then slowly work your way up to 38deg.
$$$$ I do it for the bling bling $$$$

The sky is the limit, and those who can gets close to that are high achievers. So the next time you look up, do think about how to set your goals further and bigger. That way, people see you as a rich person (because of the 38deg theory) and it reminds you of your ultimate goal of being successful. Wicked sick! Thats killing two birds with one stone!

Though this may make you look like an arrogant person, this action has the potential to make you rich!

Oh, one advice... Do look where you are going if you gonna do that that. I believe not many people wants to walk to the ledge on a high rise building and keep on walking.

Question: To trade humility for a rich appearance, Is it worth it?


Hwei Cheng said...

Worth it? Absolutely not.....

Putting out an act, just to convince people around you're from the upper class? I say that is ridiculous.

Plus, you might even attract pickpockets.....

syamsulariff.com said...

tips of a day..tilt down your head when you walk around somewhere in shopping complex, bank and etc.

im sure pickpocket will no interested with you..even you are wearing original mont blanc cuffling :P

more tips in blog..hahaha self promoting :P

-popjammerz- said...

so if i tilt my head in the KTM will i get pick pocketed..?

i have one conclusion if i tilt mine 38.7:

i'll fall down the stairs.

Nikkiko said...

my first impression of the picture:

my lord, i didn't know rich people liked showing what's inside their noses.

hope they don't keep gold in there too -_-

EliteVillain said...

swt....i wont do that because before i'm rich i already end up in hospital due to tripped and fall from stairs...

chingy said...

I hate that advertisement by Maxis.
Is it by Maxis?

Oh I hate everything by Maxis for giving me sucky connection.

Damn this comment is so irrelevant. :(

julian said...

Interesting, maybe that's where the whole 'nose in the air snob' thing comes from...?

Johnny Ong said...

if that fella is goin to tilt his nose any further up, when it rains he'll drown to death

3POINT8 said...

[Hwei Cheng]
So I guess you are never gonna get a BMW or a rolex eh?

True.. You are always looking at your own pocket. I guess no pickpockets will want to find fault with you.

Haha. Better becareful, Don't fall down hor. you might break a leg and can't dance for a long time.
Do watch where you are going

Rich people got too much gold. They want to flaunt it and maybe share with someone else.

3POINT8 said...

Hahaha. lying in the hospital, feeling rich...Isn't it worth it?

Not sure if its from maxis. I got the image file from quachee's blog
Relax relax.. There are other phone companies in msia. Why not go for another one?

'Nose in the air snob' refers to arrogance, doesn't it? If arrogance can make you rich, why not?
Just a thought

[Johnny Ong]
LOL! When it rains he'll drown to death. That is a good one!!!

iCalvyn said...

how bout tilt down 3.8 degree...lol

3POINT8 said...

Tile your head down 3.8 degrees?
Will my neck snap if I do that?

Amei79 said...

I have read bout it at quachee's blog. rich at the look, poor at the pocket...

tilt the head at 38 degree, stare into the sky...beg there are moneys dropping from the blue blue sky??? beware, bird shit on the face...lolz

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha, since those who tilt up their head that high, I'm sure they'll be the 1st one to avoid bird shits. Heck, I think they can even warn 10 person at a time. Talk about the benefits of looking up at the sky