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27 April 2008

Tag - 6 unspectacular Quirk

Related Stuff: I got tagged by Popjammerz. In this tag, I'm suppose to write about 6 unspectacular quirks of myself.

6 unspectacular quirks
1) If RueHann tag me, I'll reply em [Unlike RueHann who dislike hints, I...]
2) If KellyTan tag me, I'll reply em [Unlike Kelly who wants to come to sydney, I yearn to go back to my home country]
3) If Pinky tag me, I'll think about it [Pinky calls this discrimination and I agree with her]
4) If I'm in msia, I'll try to meet with the people mentioned above. [Pinky excluded. She like turtles]
5) Owner of this blog is charming! [Prove: Top8 recent commentator of this blog are all female: Curryegg, Popjammerz, Aronil, Pinksterz, Pamsong, Chingy, Nikkiko, PinkLeo]

6) I like to mess someone up with subtle hints! If you leave a flaming message in Pinky's shoutmix [Shoutmix Owner: Pinksterzisme] saying something like "What kind of stupid name is pinky?" I'll drop a comment in a blogpost of your choice with the restriction that the blog has to be yours.
[Of course, include my alias at the end of the message. Eg: You Camel Whoor! -3POINT8-]
[Be decent. If you do not know how to flame, here is a good place to start: Golden Rules of Flaming]

Pinky, if you are reading this blogpost, these 2 article should be useful to you:
How to stop flame attacks on a blog
How to respond to a blog attack

Let the friendly flaming session start! Let me be first!
[In a boxing match, contenders whack the hell out of each other. One thing to note that: it doesn't mean that they hate each other. A game of war can be a friendly game depending on your intention. How does this relate to flaming? I can't answer you that, coz I have an IQ of 38 which is way below average and I'm certainly not a member of MENSA]

As usual, its either the last one is out of point, or the other five is out of point.


Nikkiko said...




joshuaongys said...

lolz i have!! yes u are charming!!! hahahahhaa

pinksterz said...

i don't need any guide on how to handle flaming THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

宝茹 said...

This post shows your true colors, hehehehe

-popjammerz- said...

I still really don't get how flaming goes u know..shall take time to read those links u've got up there!!!and then i'll know what is flaming..wahahahaha!!!

how this flaming stuffs came up within the blogging world?

Johnny Ong said...

3.8 - we can never beat the ladies in this area of ahhhhhh commenting

curryegg said...

Are you serious? Your IQ level is 38 only? Lol.. If it's true, then I guess you must be a 'genius' for having the ability to write this post, and own this sarcastic blog with points.
If you're IQ is 38, you must be extra-ordinary guy because so many females like your blog..

Kif, teach me... ;)

P/s: Haha.. I really wish to visit Australia- for travel.. can't wait..

Tekkaus said...

I'm lost! Will try to retrack back about this whole thing. Perhaps because I'm an outsider? Hmmm...=)

Tahn said...

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Simon Seow said...

The only way I deal with flamers is to welcome them with open hands and say reply with well wishes, never retract what they commented. They will stop flaming if there's no retract.

Aronil said...

lol, wooohoo.. i'm one of your top commenters haha.. I hadn't realised :) Let's see if I can go higher :P. And you're still on the flaming topic???

pamsong said...

Aww, you charmer, you. =p

3POINT8 said...

LOL! Which part was it that made you speechless?

Thanks! Intro some pwetty girls to me ya! I'll make sure they'll have a great time. XD

oh...ok. I thought you needed some guideline. Oh well, I think I'm the only one who posted nasty msg on your shoutmix.

Ah yes. I have yellow skin, a typical chinese. hehehe

3POINT8 said...

Take your time, take your time. Flaming happens when one feels the need to regulate the environment in the blogoshpere. For example, let just say someone doesn't like blog8.3. So, this guy feels that it is his responsibility to make sure that this blog will not cause any emotional harm to him and other people who could be reading blog8.3. So, the next best way to make him stop blogging is to leave nasty comments, hoping that he'll get hurt, never steeping into the blogosphere again. Something like that. You get me?

yaya... this is what ladies are strong in. Have to respect them for this.

Sure sure...I can teach you! Why not you come to sydnet, and I can give you personal lessons for free. *evil grin*

Dun worry dun worry. Pinky is a good friend of mine. I'm just trying to kacau her. Plus she gave me the permission to do so.

3POINT8 said...

ER...ok... thanks for the invitation

Agreed! We do not discriminate. We welcome supporters, readers, bloggers, humans, animal, aliens and flamers alike to our blog. I like your thinking!

Ya. Cause everyone been so hyped up about flamin and flamers. Why not join in the crowd and feel connected?

Why, thanks!
I have to thank the blogpost you intro to me a few days ago. The one about courting girls one.

pinksterz said...

means you are the only one that hates me. yayy i am loveable in blogosphere wtf.

pamsong said...

Haha. There's a fine line between charming and buayaness. Which side of the line are you on? =p

chingy said...

Hhahaha self proclaimed popular! :D

3POINT8 said...

Yup! Its an experiment to prove that you are lovable! Experiment pass!

Can i be in both?
Girls love em both, yes?
Well, at least you do, yes?

I like to picture myself as popular. By the time I do become popular, at least I can tell people that I have a vision!

pamsong said...

Haha. Me? I'm a simple girl. I'd go for sincerity above all that any day of the week. =p

But yes. Many girls like a little of both in their men. Haha.

Esther Chin said...

who you gonna court?

3POINT8 said...

Oh, Sincerity. Right!
And is there a way to be sincere?
Something that works all the time on girls in general?

[esther chin]
Erm...tough choice. I would either go for Curryegg or Popjammerz.
I Could go for you, esther, but I guess you are not available anymore.

ChoonSeong said...

lol...sometimes you will think of bad things when you are down rite...

pamsong said...

You asked the wrong question. With girls, NOTHING is "general". Haha.

3POINT8 said...

Not really... I think of bad things all the time.

Nothing is general? Nothing???
Why lar?? Why girls all like that one??
Why why???

pamsong said...

Aiyah, that's what makes every one of us unique wat. You think like you boys liddat ah!? *snore*