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13 April 2008

Parody of Nuffnang Logo

Originality is when someone or created something no one has come across before.
Modification is when performance of originality is being tweaked.
Parody is a satirical imitation of originality.
When that imitation fails, it is known as plagiarism.

For some reason, I love a good parody. A few good parodist that I highly recommend would be Weird Al Yankovic, The Chaser and Improv everywhere [Watch them on youtube for a good laugh]. Seeing how they never fail to humor me, I try to come up with my own parody now and then.

Inspired by Nikkiko, I've come up with a parody of Nuffnang's logo:
1) Normal Nuffnang: the original Nuffnang logo.
2) Glitterati Nuffnang: All that glitters is gold. [I'm using this as my nuffnang innit logo]
3) Invincible Nuffnang: A mohawk hairstyle + kickass beard with hadouken. [Read here for more info]
What do you think of the logo?

Note to myself:
1) Original logo owner has been credited.
2) Logo not intended for commercial use.
3) Logo is not being displayed in the most prominent place of this site.
4) Logo displayed in a site that does not contain adult content, gambling, or any issue that violates the law.
5) Logo altered is not obscene or defamatory in nature.
So, I won't get into trouble with any legal issue, will I?


chingy said...

SO cute! XD

Nikkiko said...

LOL. woah. im honoured xD

yinhao said...

lol the mowhawk best liao..

Marc said...

I love the mohawk one. You are FUNNY n WITTY!

Apple said...

that's funny.

joshuaongys said...

talking about creativity.. you are really someone with it!! lolx

Mc_Bone said...

if boss stewie decides to use ur logo(gold for glitterati is damn nice,wei) charge him nicely,k?

*boss does not reads this, boes did not sees this*

SilverIsle said...

LOLz. I really didn't think that that's a mohawk at first. Haha.

Anonymous said...

nice writing you have here! thanks for ur comments on my blog too. will keep on working on it..

i read something about nuffnang before.. doesn't have any good impression and plus my blog doesn't have much traffic so i didn't join it..

will certainly come back to read more.. to think tat i myself have a sarcastic personality, now i think i meet some real boss.. lolz

curryegg said...

wonder what will nuffnang staff do next.. sue you? or hire you to make new logo for them.. hehe...

Hey 3point8, how are you recently? how about exam and your job-hunting? wish you all the best..

wai kee said...

whoa you have design skill huh!

yLva said...

nice logos!

Steve Yu said...

Cool! What logo are you gonna parody next?

phatelara said...

Love the mohawk fella! =)

3POINT8 said...


You are welcomed. I credit those who inspire me in a way or another. Thanks for the inspiration


Thanks for the compliment marc. More funny and witty stuff to come. Stay tuned ya!

3POINT8 said...


LOL! More creative stuff to come. Stay tuned ya!

I'll be honored if Boss stewie decide to use my version. Its a bonus if he decides to pay me. =D

Ahahaha. So so, did u had a good laugh when you found out it was a Mohawk?

3POINT8 said...

[streamliner aka. peanut]Meet some real boss? Are you referring to me? Ahahaha, I'm flattered!

Hey Kelly! Good things are coming my way now. I did better than expected in my IETLS exam. And I found a job. I'm so happy~~~~
Thanks for the concern

[wai kee]
Thanks thanks. I learn all those photoshop skill from all my photoshop sifu blogger.

Thanks yLya!

[Steve Yu]
Hmmm...Lets see, Can I make a parody of your blog?

Thanks for the compliment!

curryegg said...

Hey! That's a good news. No wonder didn't see you in msn or my blog that often now. Congratulation oh for the exam and work...I know you can do it! So, start working d?

Sounds great for you and david. Both get job.. ;)

willchua said...

Ha ha... Cute.

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

I have no love for local online advertising companies, especially Nuffnang.

Regarding your logos, it is a cute twist though.

That does not change my view towards them however.

Simon Seow said...

One thing I find is that the Nuffnang logo is not Trademarked or Registered. So, by altering a bit of the logo you might not get into trouble in the Copyrights issue. But if Nuffnang trademarked the logo then even if you modified a lot but the world nuffnang is still there, you might face lawsuit from Nuffnang and you will have a high chances of losing the suit.

3POINT8 said...

Actually my family came over to visit me for a week. So I won't have that much time to bloghop until this weekend. And I'll be working starting next mon! Hurray! What about you? Doing fine with all your assgns and exam?
Anyway, thanks for the concern ya!


[Deimos Tel Arin]
Ahaha...Thanks for the compliment. Say, after reading the recent comment from you, I might need a some advice on ProjectWonderful. I'll give you a mail in the next 2 weeks or so... Hope you can help out.

Oh? Nuffnang is not trademarked or registered? So, what happens if someone beat nuffnang to it?
Ok....after reading your comment, maybe its not a good idea to play around with logo and icons. I better stay away from them...

kiki said...

wow!! it's creative!! CUTE!!

Accyee said...

nevermind abt copyrights and whatnot lah! nuffnang featured you :)


BLue said...

You're a talented gu. God will always know put us to the right place in life. So do not look down on yourself during your hard time in Australia, jia you jia you jia you!