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07 April 2008

An Achiever/Feedbacker Conversation

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Though this is unconfirmed, I have a feeling that this blog is featured under point #4 in MustardQueen's post. [Man, I love the number 4.]

Achiever announce something highlighting his achievement. They only want to share their joy.
Feedbacker provides feedback based on their perception against the announcement.

Achiever: I'm getting married today! I proposed and she said YES. Today is my best day!
Feedbacker: Congrats! I'm happy for you!

Achiever: WooHoo! I got an A++ for my maths exam
Feedbacker: Good for you! You are one step closer to your dream job.

Achiever: Finally! I've saved enough money to get myself a gold plated nail-clipper!
Feedbacker: er..Okaaay. I got 2 nailclippers. You want my other one?

Achiever: Ohyea! 4444 unique visits in my blog!
Feedbacker: Oi, can be humble a bit ar? [This form of speaking is a common Malaysian slang]

Achiever: I got a billion dollars. First time in my life that I got so much money.
Feedbacker: You arrogant bastard! I know you are rich! Do not insult me!
Deep in Achiever's heart: **But but....You are a trillionaire. Sob!**

In the 5 scenarios above, Achiever only has 1 goal...to share what makes them Happy. An Achiever can only do that much, highlight their own achievement. Achiever has little power in influencing Feedbacker's thoughts and intepretation, especially when so little information is given.

To the feedbacker, an achievement hightlight such as the above could be:
1) An announcement of a Happy Moment.
2) An insult to the person being announced to.
3) Others
[Depending on how its being intepreted.]

I believe we are all feedbackers at one point or another. Sometimes we are required to give feedback upon receiving an information. Often times, feedbackers try real hard to figure the real motive behind an announcement or a message. Most of the time, the REAL motive isn't the one that affects the emotion of feedbacker. Its the feedbacker's perception that matters the most to the feedbacker themselves. When displayed this way, everyone (feedbacker) will be able to judge themselves whether they are looking things at the positive side or the negative side of things.
If you think something posted here can be interpreted in more than one way, you could possibly have a very high IQ.
What do you think about this post?

1) The word 'Feedbacker' is not a proper English word.
2) Everyone has to decide to allow what type of emotions flow within them. You are mastermind of your own body, mind and soul. No one can decide for you how you feel about something.


Nikkiko said...


"feedbackers try real hard to figure the real motive behind an announcement or a message"

i think a lot of people nowadays just tend to think too much and read too deeply between the lines instead of just sharing the happiness of the achiever.

i think it sounds like a sad thing.

mustardqueen said...

hahaha, erm, only one mini point related ok!!! So it's not so much related to my post hahahaha xD

revel in me said...

Haha, I don't think she was referring to when you announced you have 200 readers (and hence you 'sharing your achievement'), but it was directed to when you said "that's easy!" to this innit blog post about free domains on the conditions of at least 15posts monthly/100 unique readers daily; when you had only 100 readers at that time. :P

But yea, I agree, most of the time, people try to second-guess motives! :)

Dom. said...

Personally i'm someone like that. Who would like to really know what is the other person trying to tell me -- the true motive..

But lately i felt that why bother? Jus take it as it is. Let the other party worry about the motives and feelings. just be yourself. We ourselves got too many other things to worry other than the other parties feelings

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

I think it is a good post. ;)

[Often times, feedbackers try real hard to figure the real motive behind an announcement or a message.]

Most of the times, things are not as complex as them feedbackers may imagine to be.

Quit making simple things complicated already you bloody feedbackers! :D

rambler said...

Interesting perspective! I like to think the best of people unless they give me a reason to do otherwise.

daniel said...

Achiever vs feedbacker. That's a very thought provoking post. If you would like to know which type of feedbacker I am, I would say I look into the positive aspect first.

Let's just get things straight, I don't see any point to feel jealous of someone's achievement, billion dollars, unique visits, and etc. Just congratulate them! Good things will come to us naturally when we think on the bright side.

Good post!

Cometh said...

Nope... Yours Truly am always the achiever..... always...

No matter what... even when he does not achieve also he is an achiever...

No doubt bout that.... =p

joshuaongys said...

this post make me wonder many things leh.... deep

Christopher said...

We are all "feedbackers" right? So, all of us must know how to handle every situation delicately right? I believe feedbacker is a very important role. It's supportive and yet have to make the "achievers" live in the moment! =)

3POINT8 said...

Does it sound like a sad thing? I think its a good thing. It keeps the mind occupied.

Something related is good enough for me to post something back, especially when you talk about my fav brand, 3point6.

[revel in me]
Oh...ok..that makes sense. I know I posted something saying "that's easy" I just can't remember where was it. Thanks for reminding me.

Wow. I'm still learning on how to think like you. Be myself and leave the other party worry about their own agenda.

[Deimos Tel' Arin]
Thank u for the compliment Deimos! Yup, similiar to you, I love things when they are simple and easy.

3POINT8 said...

We should all do that, shouldn't we? But some people are just too unique to be able to do that.

Agreed! Good things will come to those who think positive!

LOL! I second that! You look like an achiever no matter how bad you look like. :P

Then thats good! If it makes you think, you are exercising your brain. Gives me pleasure to hear that someone is benefiting from my post

No doubt feedbacker plays an important role. That is why it is important for all of us to know how to handle every situation delicately right, as you said.

Nikkiko said...

i think it's sad cause all the other person is doing is sharing what made 'em happy,

and meanwhile the person on the recieving end just might be thinking "hmm! what does this person want from me!"

okay, maybe i also dunno wht im trying to say ._.

宝茹 said...

Sometimes, people do not always want to hear replies from feedbackers. Like why do you always have a ready verbal reaction ready?

Like I only want to share--just listen, will you?

Aronil said...

Hahaha this was quite an entertaining read.. and u burnt the pope???

3POINT8 said...

Haha... Since we can only control our thoughts, why not think it as a good thing? At least that person is being careful. A careful stranger is better than a reckless friend, I think.


*Look left, look right* Err.... Nupe, I didn't burn the pope. But I might consider doing the opposite given the oppurtunity.

Amilyn said...

mahahahaha this made me reconsider the feedbacker's stand.

"If you think something posted here can be interpreted in more than one way, you could possibly have a very high IQ."

so what is the hidden meaning of this post harr?

anyway, loved your comment on my post. linking it to this post!!

3POINT8 said...

This post made you think?
Yes! I've managed to convince someone to think! Thanks Amilyn!
That hidden meaning line is meant for MustardQueen, the one who inspired me to write this post.