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01 April 2008


3POINT8 is gonna stop blogging.

Blogging just takes up too much time and effort.
Sitting down in front of the com, spending an average of 4 hours for each post.
Do you know how hard is it to to structure an English sentence with no reference or whatsoever???
Do you know much creativity it takes to exaggerate a harmless kitten to a hungry lion??
Do you know how much effort it takes for me to log into blogger everyday, knowing that I sometimes forget my username and password?
Do you know how many times I visit my own blog just to keep spam away??

Every second wasted in front of the computer is every second wasted.
Its not easy composing a post... I'm a perfectionist! I edit a post over and over again in order to make it look perfect. But once it has reached perfection, I would drop in some mistakes just so it that I would seemed like a normal person rather than an angel who is perfect in every way.

Creativity is something I have all this while. It's just that I prefer not to use it. Whenever I think of something creative, it reminds me of my plans to dominate the world and how to make make it's dweller 'enjoy' my dominion. In order to suppress this potential cataclysm from happening, I rather be convincing people to start a blog.

I have too many accounts, too many emails, too many username. I can't keep up with my multi accounts. Password is something I can remember, but not my username. Once I know my username, I can remember my password. That because I have a system such that if my username is 'blogger' my password would be '.com'. This is my favourite: If my username is 'Kif' then my password would be 'KifTheGreatestPersonNoneCanSurpassReadyForThisComing AndBeWillingToChangeWhenTheTimeComes".
Notice how my unique pick of password exceeds the border of this blog on Firefox and notice how it messes up with your IE?? [doesn't apply anymore] Yes, A true sign of greatness. Of course, lowercase and uppercase letters matter. I wonder how long would it take for a supercomputer to crack my password. It takes too much effort to log into my 100+ plus accounts every single day.

Oh and yea, I visit my blog every half an hour just to see if there are any new comment on my interesting post or any new chat topic on my chatterbox. And whenever I do that, I log into freeweblogger [the visit counter] with my super cool username and my super long crack-proof password and decrease the visit number by 1! I do this so that it doesn't seem like I'm stalking my own blog.

Oh yea...I'm gonna stop blogging...
If I can fool anyone, I wish it be you!
April fool's Day!! ____ Or ____ Happy Early April fool's Day!! ____ [whichever applies more]
[Reading this line would render the meaning of this post void!]
[Did u notice the title of this blog?? The sweaty face...That must be your reaction after reading this post! Undeniable, I'm such a great mindreader!!!]

PS: Other than being a April Fool's Joke, did you notice anything wrong with this post?


Soulchildz said...

hehe good one!!


liz q said...

very funny, KIF!!! -_-''

3POINT8 said...

Entertaining isn't it??

danielctw said...

nice one...


yinhao said...

haha! Tho i got fooled but its expected already =P most people will post smth like this but i dint expect u to post it so fast.. @_@ like its not even 1st of april yet ><

~YM~ said...

It's not even 12am here, so I'm in the 31st March timezone. How can you give us here in Malaysia a "April fool" when we are in March!!

So, I declare this post valid minus the "April Fool". So, 3point8 is really going to quit blogging!!


Happy Be-earlied April Fool!!

Simon Seow said...

I'm gonna put the title, FA's Naked Picture for April's Fool post. Do you think it will generate more traffic? *run far far away from FA*

joshuaongys said...

later he come out with 4point9 lidat den useless also hahahahaha nyway i doubt i will have a password sooooooooo long!!

Aronil said...

Hahhaa nice one.. albeit a bit early :P You had me going for juuuuustt a leeealtle bit :P But knowing bloggers we thrive on attention :)

curryegg said...

I didnt even notice you've done this post which is similar to mine... Your time is earlier than mine.. and that make you post the post earlier.. as a result.. I sounds like I'm a copy cat leh.. aiyoyo....

miracle.. haha...
BTW, happy APril Fool to you..

vickie said...

waakka kokfye, I know your post's date already know you're fooling us. how could I lose a good blogger like you huh?

Christopher said...

Happy April's Fool! =)

Jillian said...

As soon as I saw the date and first sentence, I knew you were joking. Nice try! :-P

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

Heh, can't fool me.

I knew it was an April Fool's joke right away.

Cheers! :D

Apple said...

You can't fool me either.
And before this, I just finished reading similar post from curryegg. :P

Cometh said...


So obvious..... so obvious... =p

usws said...

Hah! Can't fool me! I sweat because.. uh... because.. it's hot! That's right! Not because i believed every single word you said.

BYE! *wipes sweat*

p.s. I don't understand your picture.
p.s.p.s. I really wanted to scare my readers by shutting the whole blog. But no time lah.

Nikkiko said...


i confirm myself once again as a very "gillable" person. bahahaha.

cheers ;P

chelsea said...

;) I almost forgot it was April's fool...

chingy said...

What;s with the picture? =/

Anyway hor;

"But once it has reached perfection, I would drop in some mistakes just so it that I would seemed like a normal person rather than an angel who is perfect in every way."

I like this line. XD

keeyit said...

I thought you really stop.. how can ? hahaha.. april fool

DemolitionLoversPrincess said...

good joke ;)

SilverIsle said...

Think of a better one next year k? =P

Jude said...

Happy April Fools to you too. Once addicted it is kind of hard to stop and it seems you do have a lot going on. You have a full schedule going.

3POINT8 said...


Ahaha. To be the top, they either have to be the 1st or very good. I chose to be the 1st. Its Easier that way.

Happy post April Fool's day to you.

[simon seow]
If its has the word 'Naked' in it, I'm sure its gonna generate lots of traffic to your blog

LOL!! 4point9.
Hey, this is a very good idea.

Yup. Bloggers love attention! I'm proud to be one of them.
=D Heee~~~

Great Mind thinks alike. Happy April Fool's day

Smart girl! Seems like I need a better April Fool's Joke next year to fool someone like you. I'll think of something.

3POINT8 said...

Happy April Fool's day

Awww.... Dang, I really have to come up with something better next year!

Ah...another one. Must really come up with a good oe next year.

Aiyak. I guess the same doesn't work twice.

Ok ok....I'll come up with something unique next year

Actually, I had plans to shut down the whole blog too. But I'm with nuffnang and Entrecard at the moment. Scared they complain about my blog.

Once gullible? Aww...does it mean that I didn't manage to trick you? NExt year then.

There you go! a reminder. Make sure you are prepared for evertyhing!

3POINT8 said...

The picture? Erm...nothing related to the pic. I just like to put in random pics at random post, so that it makes my blog look more interesting.

Yalor, HOw can? I'm addicted to blogging dy.


Yup yup. Will do! I'm planning dy. ehehehe

Yup yup. Once addicted, thats it. I'm in the game for the rest of my life.

-popjammerz- said...

Kinda late here~
But reading the first line i already knew..it might be ur april fool's day post haha~

it'll be a history of the blogosphere if u stop blogging now!! :P

Nice post though!

Nikkiko said...

haha. nah. it means my gullible soul did get tricked =X

oh and, treat yourself to some "eggs" sometime eh? ;P

if cannot find tell me ah, i let the toads live and my pond will have full stock. tee hee.

amei79 said...

even though i just started read ur blog not long ago, but im sure u r blog addited, so give up in blogging would be to a tough tough tough decision to make, somemore u post it on 1/4...

buta chan said...

very funny,...

average of 4 hours per post?!

what else is wrong with the post? ha ha

3POINT8 said...

Wow! A history to the blogosphere. I also hope that my blog is listed in the history of blogosphere (if there is one)

Oh...Haha. Erm, tadpoles eggs, I'll think twice. But do cultivate a full stock of em so that I know where to go when I changed my mind.

Ahaha. I actually released that post on the 31st March, but I edit the date to 1st April. Then again, this is a recycled post from last year.

[buta chan]
Avg 4 hours is an exaggerated value. I spend much more than that.
Btw, this post is a recycled post from last year

Nux V said...

such a classic trick!
anyway, i will not be easily fooled...kihkihkih...

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
Yea, its a classic trick. Must come up with a good one next year!