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24 May 2007

[Updated] UNSW Asia close down

They said that the enrolment in UNSW is not up to their expectation. Some said that UNSW asia slowly declining UNSw performance. Some felt that the UNSW asia is slowly draining the some of the experienced lecturers away from the main UNSW. For that reason, UNSW asia is gonna be closed down.

UNSW asia was built singapore. I guess this project started 1-2years ago and the institution started its business this year not long ago. Funny thing is that UNSW asia was operational for 1 session and it got closed down.
I wonder whats gonna happen to the unfortunate students who studied there for that particular bleak session.. Will their effort go to waste?? Will their money magically dissapear to somewhere else??
Gee, I guess it must be tough for them.

They'll be like:
"What the hell?? I've spend aussie dollars studying in singapore hoping to get a prestigious degree in 3 years and all of the sudden you are telling me that UNSW asia is not gonna be operational anymore?? Man, I can't afford to travel all the way to australia. Hey dude, what are you going to do?? FLICK off education??"

Erm.... I may have misread the article. Looks like those students might just be the few luckiest person around in the world. According to the article, scholarships, and travel concession will be given to these students.

I guess they'll be like:
"Dude, I'm sponsored to Australia!!! I heard that UNSW is gonna give us a big big discount on airfare and accomodation fares in australia. Now now, why does this reminds me of the super big MegaSale event in M'sia?? Oh well, I should have convinced more of my friends to join UNSW Asia!!"