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07 May 2007

[NLP] Open Hand Gesture

I've just mastered the Open Hand Gesture. Now, it comes to me automatically without having much thought about it.

Wondering what is the Open Hand Gesture??
As the name imply, it is just an action where you open up your hands and sho your palm to the person that you are interacting with. Well, its a body language telling other that you are open and have an open opinion about what others have to say.
The open hands combined with the open palms facing upwards is one of the best technique telling somebody that you want to find out more about they are talking about. At the same time, it somehow gives the feeling to other party that you are expecting him to speak more about a topic that he'd be dying to tell someone.

This is a very good technique for someone like me who doesn't have much to talk about. Everytime I do that gesture while someone is talking to me, that person will usually talk longer than he had to. Whenever that guy is done talking, do that again, and that person will automatically elaborate on the subject without having to feel that he/she is talking to an ignorant idoit. You know sometimes when you don't understand something and you want a person to elaborate a point, they'll feel a lil bit irritated and frustated talking to an idiot who doesn't 'click' with them. But with the use of this simple open hand gesture, that irritation is magically removed. It somehow somehow delivers the message into their subconscious. That my friend, is the beauty of body language. Plus this gesture removes the feeling that you might be hiding something whether it be a thing or a thought.

This gesture is actually quite fun to play around with. Use it and more often people will start to continue a conversation that is about to die off. However this gesture has to be subtle by slowly placing your hands in a position with the palms open.

This gesture actually took me 6months to get used to.
How did I do it? I guess I forced myself to get accustomed with the gesture whenever I'm in an uncomfortable situation, situations when I'm most conscious about my body movement.

The next body language technique I'm trying to master is the 1sec smile....
Wish me luck..