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01 May 2007

Skip a meal

There is this awareness going around in Malaysia.
It's called "Skip-a-meal".
Why is it called "Ship-a-meal"??
That's because the concept behind it is that, you skip a meal, and you donate whatever you save from that process to the 'World Vision Malaysia Children's Development Fund.'
Yes, its for a great cause, reducing poverty and hunger.
I like this awareness. The line is catchy. Well, at least it got my attention..

Hhhmm...I was thinking to myself:
Nice..Great...Good idea....Cool....Brilliant!!!
But WAIT....What if its another worthy awareness by the same group who thought this one up?? Lets just say this time it's for blood donation.
I guess the motto will be "Slash yourself! Donate Blood!" or something like that.
Wouldn't that be freaky??

Let's get back to the topic.
In that particular site, if you navigate through the site looking for more info as how you can help out, it did mention somewhere in between that:
"Individuals can either Choose a meal to skip (or have a lighter meal)"
Isn't it better to change that line to: "Individuals can either Choose to have a lighter meal (or skip a meal)"
I mean shouldn't they make 'have a lighter meal' a higher priority than 'skip a meal'??
'Have a lighter meal' is a much better option than 'skip a meal', isn't it?
Trust me, you don't want to have gastric.

Anyhow, if you can help out in anyway, please do...
It's for the good of the community.
We all like some good to happen to us, don't we?? Let's give some 'goodness' to someone who deserves it more.


liz q said...

been there done that..

3POINT8 said...

U've done that??
That's admirable!!!