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17 May 2007

10 things you didn't know about me

LayPoh Tagged me!!!
10 things you didn't know about me...
  1. When I was a kid, if I swim too close to the edge of the swimming pool, I'll start to shiver thinking the pool-owner may open a hidden cage filled with sharks. Back then, I was always on the look out for sharks and hidden cages within the walls.
  2. No matter how hard i try, I can't look someone in the eyes. It's something I've been working on for quite a few years and I still can't do it. I'm afraid that they would think that I'm invading their personal space.
  3. I've always wanted to critisize ppl to see if they'll still be my friend at the end of the day. The thing is that I only do that if I'm 100% sure that he'd still be my friend at the end. So yea, the moment I critisize someone is when I highly regard them as a friend.
  4. I've been exposed to Buddhism and Christianity. I go for caregroup (or cellgroup) almost every week. Sometimes I go for dharmma classes. Ironic thing is...I want nothing to do with God. I like people to explain religious stuff to me and what they think about it. I like being informed abut religous facts. But if you are trying to get me into it, GoodLuck. None has ever talked me into it yet.
  5. I highly regard myself as an artist! I can't draw, I can't make beautiful artworks but I love looking at artworks and I love to listen to abstract music (haha, actually more to game music, movie music and instrumental music. Just music, no singing, no vocal. Just music) And for that reason, I call myself an artist.
  6. I am often mesmerise by a smile more than a pretty face. Well, pretty faces work well too...ehehe... But, A smile is good enough. :) [I like YY's, and lissya's smile]
  7. I respect those who are active in charity work, normal people who are willing to work their ass off for people far more deserving for little or no reward at all. However, I do not believe in monetary donations. I rather not help a person than falling into a scam that funds a mafia boss.
  8. I love people who called just to ask: "How are you doing!". You know why?? Coz it feels good and I have an unusual fear of calling people. My phone is there to receive calls and to make emergency calls. I seldom use it to make a call. Everytime before a call, I would imagine a 2-line conversation that ends in 10secs. That alone is enough to discourage me from calling anybody. (I'm envious of my roommate who is always on the phone 24-7)
  9. I always love people who speaks their mind and fools around, one who is not afraid of being a joker. I like to see people who are alive!!! They just bring life everywhere to everyone. [People like: Lissya, Phoebe Wong, Mei Yan, Kenneth Khaw, Sh Yang, Yu Ang, LiYi, Eunice and Ryndy.]
  10. Lastly, Those who knows me thinks that I'm smart. They are probably right!!! Oh, if you do not know who am I or anything about me.....FYI, I'm also kind, open-minded, generous, witty, sociable and all the good things you can imagine about Bill Gates. :)
As a bonus, The 11th thing:
I like to present the truth as a Lie. I'm kinda proud of myself when someone comments that they can't tell if i'm telling the truth or a lie. I don't usually lie, but often I like to present the truth as a lie. I guess it's kind of an ego thing. I always imagined how good it would feel to say: "Ha! I told you so!! Why didn't you believe me back then?? Dai sei lor!!"...Hehe, something like that. Anyway, If u can spot the difference between a lie and an exagerration in this blog, you are good!!!

Thank you LayPoh for tagging me. I ran out of stuff to write and this is the perfect excuse to update my blog.


KeNnetH | kH[a]w said...

i fool around? hmmm..takes a fool to recognise another fool.

*grin* =D

3POINT8 said...

it sure does!!!

Qte said...

wow.. u are really a mysterious guy.. or i guess i dont really know u that much.. but.. i know that u are blo*dy smart! ahuHauHAua! i knew it from kah fai ;p.

thanks for liking my smile. i'll smile more to u.. hahas~ at least before i'm going back for good.. =D

I think u can look someone in the eyes, i always catch ur eye when talking. prol u dont really realize it..

anyway.. nice post. since i'm mentioned 2 times :p

3POINT8 said...

Ahaha....yea..pls do smile more!!!
It brightens the world a lil more for most people. Keep it up!!!